Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's been a long time since I posted here.

Since I ended DIY Noise back a good months ago I had actually forgotten all about the blog.

It's pretty funny reading back at some of my posts. I get glimpses of a slightly younger but more enthusiastic and naive Eddie ready and willing to release anything from anywhere.

It was during that hey day of sorts that the constant influx of bands asking to be released overwhelmed me and made me forget how personal i used to make each release. the early DIYN releases had some work put into them even to the little details like painting the cassettes and using stupid little things like glitter or chili powder to make a tape more intricate.

As time went on and the queue list became large my only goal was to put out EVERYTHING all at one which inevitably led to the quality and look of the tapes to degrade.

i had stooped down to basic paper sleeves as inserts and not painting tapes-each release would essentially look exactly like the last but with a different cover.

sure i had some releases that i was proud of but a lot of the time i look back at some tapes and wonder i bothered releasing it in the first place.

Now that DIYN is over and DINA DOG records is the new thing I made the decision to release stuff that I do like. And even more, I want to make SORDO my #1 priority again.

There is a lot more to write but I find it hard keeping up with my thoughts when I'm typing
i need to find a dictation program or something.

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