Thursday, March 14, 2013

Captain Three Leg/Shitnoise Bastards

Sorry for the tiny picture.

But here is another release of mine.
This was a big co-release with a bunch of other labels.
Tombs In The Valley helped.
Sinister Upheaval helped.
That dude in Dislecksick helped out I think?

This is a pro grade tape that was handled by Hazree of Shitnoise Bastards.
I love how cheap they usually come out to be with the exception of how much shipping follows afterward.
But it's cool, I think so anyway.
Very worth it at the very least.
NAC can be a real hassle.


To the bands.

Captain Three Leg are a legendary but not very heard of grind band.
Lots of people usually know about Cripple Bastards or Phobia.
And for many those are the underground bands.
I like however that no matter how underground you think your music is there is almost always another band.
For me, Captain Three Leg was that band.
After I began listening to grind for a while (Agathocles was my first grind band)
I thought I had a pretty wide knowledge of all the bands already.
It was a little while but during my schooling time when I get loads of financial aid cash I'd splurge on distros.
I'd pick up anything that I had already knew of and then usually was recommended other stuff.
Since Agathocles had tons of splits I was always learning about a new band each day.
During one of my distro hunts I came across Andy of Captain Three Leg's blog spot.
I saw that he was selling a bunch of really cool looking stuff and for very cheap as well.
If you've bought from Andy you'll know he doesn't have a Storeenvy or Big Cartel.
Just a basic distro list of stuff that's available and for how much.
My first order from him contained a Small Doses compilation among other stuff.
That Small Doses comp was one of the coolest things I had seen. Not heard though.
I had seriously not heard of any one of the bands on that comp save for Godstomper and some others.
After listening to the comp I understood that I was still just only touching the tip of the iceburg of grind.
From then on, I scoured all over to find more stuff from the bands that were on the comp.
Thanks to it, i discovered all these bands...
Sete Star Sept
Deranged Insane
Rectal Twat
Joe Pesci
2 Minuta Dreka
Chocolate Crucifix
and of course...Captain Three Leg

I'd check back with Mortville Noise every time I had some extra cash to pick up cheap tunes.
Eventually he put out a post on his blog that he was looking for people to help with a release.
That release being the Incident At Ape Canyon disc (more on that on another post)
Now I'm finding myself talking to one of the legendary grind/noise freaks from the heyday.

Cool dude.Great band. And also coming soon a split with Sordo!
Can't wait.

Wow! I've talked so much about C3L that I've almost forgotten about SNB!
Shitnoise Bastards are just great.
Since I gave a lengthy prologue of how I met Andy I'll do a simple write up of how I met Hazree as well.
This was around the time when I was first getting into grind and doing a label.
I had just hooked up with Operation Grindcore to do the first Vol 1 comp on tape.
I had some left over (only 5) and Hazree hit me up about a trade.
It was really weird at first talking to this dude.
At the time I assumed that Hazree was from the USA.
I found out soon after he was from Malaysia.
We were talking about a trade and all of it was just new to me.
I had never traded once. I was barely getting the hang of shipping tapes out.
And now all of the sudden I'm sending stuff overseas to some cat I met on facebook.
I remember even making people at the post office wait forever in line while I was filling out a customs slip.
I had never done it before and it actually scared me.
My mom was telling me even that some people will do that just to get free stuff.
Time passed and he got his tape.
And I think I got a compilation tape from him or something?
Don't quite remember.
After I had started a regular trading route with him I was being hit up by other people he knew.
Thanks to him actually I found out about the huge east asia grind scene that was happening.
All his bands that he was in Diseksa,Hatred Division and most recently Shitnoise Bastards.

I will rep SNB till death. Hazree has been nothing but the coolest and most straightforward dude in ever.
Many hails to you bro!

I have a good handful of these tapes available.
check it out at

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