Monday, February 25, 2013

Night Terror - Malevolent//Union EP

Okay, it's kinda hard to call this an EP when there's so much tunage on this.

The latest release is Night Terror//Malevolent Union

I was supposed to release this stuff since last year but it totally got lost among all the other stuff that was in the DIY Noise queue.

After a while actually too I think I forgot all about this release.
I was contacted by one of the members (Jared I think) and he mentioned that he saw his band on the "soon to be released" section of the label page.

I got all the tracks back as well as the art. I usually wait until both art and tracks are in before I start on dubbing a release. And what I hadn' t heard for a while was really good,dark,bleak sludge.

I don't get to listen to much sludge as I'd like since I'm more keen to raw speed over slow begrudging heavy riffs.

In any case, very happy with how this came out.

The art totally gives you an idea of what the tape will sound like before it's rolling in your deck.
Great stuff!

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