Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newer stuff that came out recently

Alrighty, playing the last bit of catch up on this.

A while back we had DIY Noise number #73 - Malad - Eat Pussy, Not Animals!

By far my favorite time for a release ever. Malad are very low key in the underground scene in Ukraine.
The notes on their insert alone are a clear indication that they don't care much for their hometown contemporary's.

They have done a release for Old Grinderd Days in which they were featured on a huge comp.
And have splited with Gorgonized Dorks.

Malad play super intense and raw noiseviolence. Imagine the early Godstomper stuff just after they stopped doing Barfos material. This tape runs for about 7 minutes and hardly stops except for the few times these dudes take breathers. It's fuckin hard to play ferocious!

All in all a great release!

Jumping around a bit in catalog releases.

Number 75 is Crowhurst - GRIMGRIMGRIM.

I was supposed to release this tape for the longest time.
Don't know why it took me to long to do this.
I'm at the point now where I'm not taking any more submissions.
I want to finish EVERYTHING that I said was gonna be done before I can continue on with anything else.

Crowhurst is a one man operation by Jay Gambit. Noise extraordinaire who is a pretty big name for the noise scene. I wasn't aware of his popularity when he had came to me. It hit me when I woke up the day after his tape was added to the store when almost all his copies of the tape were virtually sold out.
I forget the word but he is....sought after. And for good reason! His releases generally aren't just mock ups of random noise samples that are thrown together JUST for the sake of being used for a split release.
His noise is on a whole new medium where his ideas are articulated through the noise. His facebook states that he is an art major and from the look of his work you can tell that he takes his craft very seriously.

If you  follow the band Retox, you can see his work in the form of tour date flyers and cover art pieces.

Expect plenty more from Jay Gambit as he recently took some Sordo songs and worked his magic on them.
The product of this will be featured on a 7'' vinyl release if I'm not mistaken.

Only time will tell.

Jumping around up to numer 79

Sposa In Alto Mare - Tribute To Sore Throat.

Sore Throat are a legendary start and stop noisegrind band. They've influenced the likes of any band you can think of that plays songs in less then 7 seconds a piece. Sposa In Alto Mare hail from Italy and are very well known already for the short time being around. Various splits and releases on almost all mediums, I was very happy to be able to bring their awesome grind intensity to a floppy disk.

2 furious blasts on a piece of plastic. One a cover of Sore Throat-the other a cover of Sore Throat who covered Skitslickers.

Last time I'll be jumping around for the day #84

Shitnoise Bastards - Don't Let The Rip Off Bastard Live Rich And Happy...

I'm not sure of the exact title haha but that's almost what it is I think. It's actually a bit longer.

Anyway, SNB are a sick as hell raw noisegrind trio from Malaysia.
It does me soul good when people can just nut up and blare out loud as fuck tunes on whatever way they can record it medium rather then paying a shitload to go record 5 minute grind operas at the studio.
I prefer raw DIY shit to over produced studio rockstar shit anyday.
SNB will show you how it's done. They are constant grinders. Turning every practice into a recording session and using said material to split with bands who all share in the same ideals.
Crushing the airwaves with constant ANTICORE!

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