Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gorgonized Dorks/Hatred Division

So keeping things straight this time.
Gonna be keeping up with this because not keeping up with it is bad.....and that's that......lad.

Rhyming aside this tape was supposed to be out since a while back like most of my other projects.
Slowly but surely I am catching up.

On this we have the mighty G.Dorks teaming up with Hatred Division.

G.Dorks are no stranger to DIY Noise. I released the mini-cdr housed in a floppy disk aka "The Cat EP"
A few months back. And I do believe this is my first Hatred Division release!
As far as Hatred Division go, they are up in my top noisegrind acts. I've just about got everything they have released so far. Which isn't TOO much thankfully.

Super rad and raw noisegrind from HD and noisy bursts of nonsense from GD!

Limited to 50 copies. This is also a repress of the Malaysian press that was limited to 30!
Be weary G.Dork fanatics, this is super limited to don't sleep on it!

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