Sunday, January 27, 2013

Long Haul...2013

I told myself that I wouldn't allow myself to fall behind again on updating releases.
I did, and am regretting it so much.

We left off at number #60  and so to play a lazy game of catch up i'll do a tiny write up on each thing I've done since.

#61 - Actuary/Lost Appeal.

Awesome group of people from both acts. Actuary play a fusion of noise and even at times mix in pv elements (if memormy serves correct). Lost Appeal is the solo noise man Andrew Lipscomb from Operation Grindcore.

Excellent stuff from both these acts, limited to 50 tapes. Some sprayed blue.

If you kept up with this then you'll know what a hassle it was.
From all the constant emails from bands wanting to submit music to bands not being able to pay for their own postage to get their own copies. Over 75 bands submitted, most from Asain parts. Lots of em thought I was gonna cough up the cash to mail em their tapes.

TONS of bands on a c-122. Don't think anybody has released a musical c-122. Lots of noise bands, grind bands, punk bands, one hip-hop dude.
Still available. Right now for free too.

#63Stressors - Wailing and Gnashing of The Teeth
Super rad harsh hardcore punk.
This was a repress of the tape they released on their own.
Limited to 100 copies. All of which are gone now.

#64 Calafiaputa/Corrupt Bastards
SICK as hell split.
Calafiaputa are a Tijuana PV band and Corrupt Bastards are a Texan drum and bass PV band.
Both rule so hard, this split was killer and a pleasure to release.

#65 Cryptic Yeast - Floppy
I had done one floppy so far to date and it was the Gripe/Chulo split.
Since I had a floppy drive and extra floppies I figured I could do another one!
Cryptic Yeast dish out two tunes of rad cyber trash!
Given out as a freebie with orders.

#66 Shitnoise Bastards - Raw Demo
All the SEA bands reall pop outta no where.
Bands just jump in and stay in forever putting out endless amounts of splits.
Shitnoise Bastards tuned in for the grind race with the release of their s/t demo.
Super raw noisegrind sharing members of hatred Division and Diseksa.
30 tapes were made and sprayed red and black.
Handed out as a freebie with orders.

#67 Gorgonized Dorks - The Cat E.P
Katz really has a life that I envy. From the outside looking in, all he does is record music and collect records!
He sent me new material that he wanted released. It came down that it would be done on a mini-cdr.
I hadn't done many mcd's in a while since the Larva/Lost Appeal cd and the CLI demo.
I had around 40 or so left over. No cases though, so instead I used my newly overabundant supply of floppy disks given to me by my older brother.

Each mini-cd was housed inside a floppy disk.
All sold out, but still available from Ben Agro.

#68 Grinchfinger - In Tune With Grind (repress)
Grinchfinger just rule. Nothing needs to be said about them. If your a fan then you'll know why.
If you're not aware of them then get in touch for straight ripping rot/Agx worship.
Super raw grind, so rad.

#69 Sordo/Knifewound - Split Tape
This tape was supposed to be released a lloooooooooooong time ago under #1 Dad Records.
Olin pulled the plug on the label and with it all subsequent label releases.
The stuff came round back and I ended up doing a DIY release of it.
All gone now but still out there if your looking for some of the more raw/grindy matieral Sordo has done.

#70 Sete Star Sept - Tripple Floppy Release.

When people hear about how your label releases floppies a number of things go through their mind.
1. "Wow, he released a floppy disc? What a waste, if anything just release a cd-r. That way I can play it on my Ipod."
2."Haha that's pretty cool, but how on earth will I be able to play it? I just donated my old Mac to the Salvation Army!"
3. "Sick! Sete Star Sept on a floppy! Now I can hear this super dope noisegrind on my USB floppy drive that only cost me three packs worth of cigs to get on Ebay!"
4. "I wonder if he'll do our band on Floppy Disk?"

Yes, Sete Star Sept got in touch with me to do super exclusive material they had made JUST for a floppy disk release. They told me they didn't want it on a vinyl, a tape, cd, 8-track or online. JUST a floppy disc.
Word's gotten around on it though so blogs have already managed to rip the audio online.

Only I and SSS however have the master tracks ;)

Everybody else will have to suffice on 32 KBPS mp3's of some of the best Noisegrind goin on right now.

#71 Sordo/Hipster Trash - Split

Probably my favorite split release of the bunch that I've done with Sordo.
A number of reasons, one being that we used a huge barrage of Iron Mike Tyson audio samples.
The tunes sound awesome as they were left over trimmings from out 7'' recordings.
We split with HP, who were my third favorite PV band to come out of Ventura County.
Awesome stuff from them, they just need to record more and put out a shitton more splits.

#72 Samedi - Voodoo Mince Core.
I was contacted by this unknown musician over the web via G.Mail or facebook I don't remember where exactly.

What they told me (in very broken English) was that they were from a small town in Mexico. They worshiped Mince Core. And they wanted someone to release their demo.

It was only around a 2 minute demo with some oddly good sounding recordings.
Small village or not, these dudes obviously had some cash to get together some decent recording/performing gear. Only 20 were made as requested by the band. Which I thought was a shame because I think it could of done real well on a tape for a split or comp or something.

Really good stuff. Liked it alot. Gave it away as freebies in orders.


That's all I have so far on the page.
I haven't updated the FB just yet so once I get it updated I'll post again here.

Take care all!

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