Monday, September 3, 2012

#59 Unholy Grave/Corrupt Humanity

Holy hell. I a just terrible with keeping up with the fucking blog. I had to shut the store down due to all the orders I've been getting along with all the projects I've taken up. I'm trying to finish them all up before I begin  work (tomorrow) so that I can focus on my job, school, sordo and my personal life. I recently asked my sweetheart to marry me and she said yes! <3 Very happy, but also super nervous on what the future holds in store for us :)

On to the release.


This was the very first legit vinyl release that I ever had under my belt. I was soooooo stoked to see it come in and too see my logo along with all my buddies on their as well. And to be able to say that I helped put out another UG release was just a phenomenal feat for me.

It all started almost a year ago? My buddy David (<3) asked about helping out with a vinyl release that he was super excited about. He kept it a secret for a while who he was gonna split with but he ended up caving and telling me it was UG. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity.

It was a long and agonizing wait but totally worth it when the vinyls came in.

The box housing the records was just pulverized.
It looked like a bunch of people we're playing football during a rainy muddy day and decided to use the box of records as a ball. Even though the box didn't fair up, the vinyl came pristine!
The covers were perfect and the plastic sleeves were the cleanest I had ever seen.

I took a bit of time just looking at all of them...felt exactly like this..

So many rad labels jumped on here.
Tombs In The Valley, Spider Baby, Kill Your Heros just to name a few.

I believe only 200 or 250 were made. No test presses, all black vinyl.
I still have a few left over so get in touch if you want one.

7PPD in the USA
World ask for a quote.

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