Sunday, June 17, 2012

#53 Waves Crashing Piano Chords

Alright, so as some may know the DIY Noise queue list of releases is just crazy long. I keep saying I'm gonna stop taking jobs but then something comes along where I just say "I NEED TO PUT THIS OUT" So was the case for WAVES CRASHING PIANO CHORDS

Now I know what your thinking. "Seriously Eddie? Another Floppy release? I already own all three color copies of the CHULO/GRIPE split floppy. I can't even play those to begin with!!" Why would you go ahead and make another one!?"

Well for starters FUCK YOU! Only kidding, but seriously. I think it's awesome. If you read back to the Chulo/Gripe write up you'll read that I grew up a bit with floppies....(sort of) It's not just something I do for hipster points....(I really do lol)

Besides you just have to wait and see what this was released on before it was on a  floppy disk!

Prepare your self for this!

*scroll down...*

You're probably thinking this by now...

"Is...is that a fucking 8-track?"

Sean Beard of WCPC does, that's who!

Sean got in touch with DIY Noise after a small discussion on a DIYN post of different formats. Paul of Spiderbaby Recs mentioned that the only thing unclaimed in grind was the release of media via an 8-track. Sean commented mentioning that WCPC had just released an 8 track. I asked how people would go about releasing one. He sent me a message a bit later saying this.

"hi, the place I went through actually was the last place in the US still making them professionally, and the Waves Crashing Piano Chords single was the last 8-track they did before shutting down about two months ago. The only other place still doing it stopped about a year ago. You can always do it yourself, but you will have to rebuild all the tapes because almost 90% of all surviving 8-tracks are ruined from the bad foam used in them, and you'll have to put a good amount of $$ into a recorder that will probably need to be refurbished to work properly. I had to spend almost $400 to get the 20 made that I did - I am selling them for almost half of what it cost to make them as well. Basically, it's expensive any way you go about it. Good luck!"

I asked him if he'd allow me to release it on floppy. The only possible alternative to a 8-track of course. The outcome was that which is pictured at the beginning. 20 pieces of incredibly harsh power-electronic noise on outdated plastic!

The 8-track version has officially sold out. I managed to get my greasy mitts on one. I still have a few floppies left over. Sean has gotten rid of his! 

dig it!

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