Sunday, June 17, 2012

#54 Sordo - Most Definitely Not A Virus

Alrighty, with doing the few floppies that I did I just had to put some of my own stuff on one as well. It just seemed so fitting to hop on a bandwagon such as this lol. In any case, here's the picture to gander at.

Only 20 of these were made. I was originally gonna try and sell these separate but in being realistic about it. It's obvious that no one would just buy this alone. Let alone 20 people would want this shit.

It was included was our "Die Hard" collection cd. I'll post on that later.

Three songs on here from our latest recording session. They probably won't see the light of day unless you ask me for the tracks personally in which case you  will hear them!

Just in case your wondering about the title, don't worry. This floppy most certainly does NOT carry a virus. It WILL NOT melt your hardrive and most definitely will not erase all your years work of collecting porn that's hidden away in your folder under the name "Nickelback" You WILL NOT be enraged at us for putting in a trojan virus on a floppy disk that you paid 2 dollars for. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVEN PUT THIS IN A USB FLOPPY DRIVE UNLESS YOU WANT THE DAMN THING TO EXPLODE! I'M TYPING IN CAPS SO YOU SHOULD KNOW I'M SERIOUS.

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