Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Alrighty, if you haven't been up to date with sick as hell grind bands then chances are you're very busy and have a lot on your mind. No one blames or hates you. Don't worry ;) But, when you do get back to mainland be sure to listen to SIX BREW BANTHA.

This trio hail from that place with the leaf...the maple syrup one that smells delicios and goes great with pancakes.....mmmmm......

Anyway, the first time I heard SBB was after seeing ARCHx
At the booth with merch I came across the split that had SBB on the split side. I had never heard of them but everybody had very high regards and marks towards it.

As soon as I got home I spun the ARCHx side and like always was pleased with the stuff. As soon as I flipped it though I was like "JKASFJKBASKFBASF"

shit was fuckin doooope!

I was looking at all dem lyrics and shiz and came across the contact info.

Im hopped on the comp...well not really a hop....more of a slow and sluggish pace really. I had just seen ARCHx what would you expect?

I sent them an email and we just hit it off. The next day I got a response and news about all the rad shit they have coming out soon.

I forget the whole chronology of it but in the end we wound up setting up a show for them over here in Oxnard as well as myself and Stu of Tombs In the Valley doing a tape version of their LP

We had a few bands come down that day.
Six Brew Bantha as pictured on the left.

Happy Pill Truama on the right.

Cancer Patient right up there.

Another Oxnard band FBA played as did my band Sordo and our buddies Swellbow!
It was a great show. Stressful as hell to coordinate and almost shut down by the fuzz to!

All worth it though haha.

Still have a few copies of the tape. Stu has all his available still too!

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