Sunday, June 17, 2012

#52 Womb

Alrighty, this time we have...


Being in a band is pretty hard work sometimes. Even if it's all for fun it can get pretty stressful at times when things get sour with band mates. Sometimes even, you can't find anybody willing to be your mate. Sometimes even, you live alone or for that matter enjoy your privacy and solitude. 

For whatever the reasons may be, solo bands have always been something I've admired. Playing in Larva I know how hard it can be sometimes coming up with good tunes that I'm happy with. When things finally get done though you can sit back and enjoy the fact that the tunes you are listening to are exactly the way you want them to sound without having anybody else have a say.

Infected Womb is a one man band that doesn't show any end in this unrelenting tape. The figure head Mike blesses our ears with 10 tracks of straight up grind. Crazy shifting screams and guttural sounds coming from this dude.

The drums for me we're okay. I've always had a problem when it came to sampled drums even though I use them myself lol. 

All in all a solid grind release for the books.

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