Sunday, June 10, 2012

#51 Fuck Me Fuck My Noise/Brutal Reaction

Closing in on catching up to all the releases. This time we got one that didn't get much attention in terms of getting people hyped up for it and such.

A very good release the FUCK ME FUCK MY NOISE/BRUTAL REACTION split.

I'm almost positive I've heard Brutal Reaction or downloaded something from a blog of theirs some time ago.
I was contacted by BR via Google about putting out a co-released split with his label. He sent me 4 test tracks, two from each band, and I was mad as hell when I heard them. The songs were fucking rad! But they were super short awesome blasts of noise! I told him I needed more and agreed to do the split for them. I myself am a freak for Sore Throat. These two bands are essentially the same but just more raw and not so much produced. They blast through songs like nothing. Each song lasting for only a few seconds. 

Brutal Reaction side is just that. 119 blast of noise chaos. Super raw, super unproduced with no care for any musical direction other then making a fucking racket. My mom actually walked in on me listening to this and asked me for the millionth time what I heard in it. I answered like always "It's cool" She walked out disappointed for the upteenth time but then I actually asked myself the same question. WHY do I like this? What is it I heard in it? After the first three minutes of the same savage blasts being belted out, the answer came into formation.

*extreme philosophy time*

This music, if it can be called that, is a statement about the current state of mainstream music. How many times have you ever tuned into the radio and found yourself hearing the same song you've heard twice already on your commute to work? Perhaps these repetitious blasts of  rawness are meant to reflect the repetitive and droned out nature of the mainstream radio. And if you've heard the radio recently. Just about everything is digitized. From voices all the way to the way a performer looks on a music video or print add. It's as if nothing is real. Can the performers we hear and see even reproduce their faux sounds during a live performance? Chances are yes. Due to their highly advanced systems they can. This would mean that the savage and raw nature is a middle finger to all the overly produced and packaged "music" on the radio. All in all, it's something I can get behind. It's a protest in a sense to the mindless music being played on repeat for so long. If people can listen to that, what's to say that other people can't listen to this?

The FxMxFxN side is 20 songs of more extreme raw splendor. These songs are the perfect soundscape to a serial killers rampage. More awesome noise carnage but with a bit more lean on longer time running songs.

All in all a raging release for spasstic noise freaks only!

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