Thursday, June 21, 2012


And here we go with another one! :D

Right here we have the Corrupt Humanity/Sordo split. This one came out a pretty decent pace unlike the other splits we had where it took almost several months for them to be done haha. This was I believe the second or third split we had planned and it's been out for a while. My good buddy David and I released this on both our labels and we split up the work. He did the dubbing and cassette labeling. I provided art. He did way more then me cause that's all I did really, print up art. I believe there are 50 copies of this. David managed to sell out his copies too! :D 

The Corrupt Humanity tracks on here rage plenty.  4 tracks are rad speed induced grind!

The Sordo tracks are decent in my humble opinion. Much more raw and "grindier" in a sense. Whenever we have a split we usually try to write material that would suit the other bands sound that way it's more or less the same similar stuff rather then two opposite genres. We dish out 4 tracks and a sub-par cover of Shitlickers "Warsystem" no guitar and thus no cheesy guitar solo in there so a lot is missing without the 6 other strings.

Copies should are on transit as we speak and is sure to go pretty fast!

Cheers to David for being a rad dude!

Oh, before I forget. We're still doing this thing, for those unaware we have these split "shorts" planned called "THE SHORTSZENNAGER"

Sorry for that extra non cropped white space haha.
There will be 10 of this printed up in the near future. Only available via our discontinued pre-order deal.
10 custom printed pairs of shorts screened by yours truly.

That's it I believe......k bye.

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