Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Alrighty! I get to write about another thing I'm a part of in terms of music teehee. I feel so giddy about this one because it's just awesome ;) 

This was on the dock for quite some time like all the other Sordo stuff. I usually put other bands releases before mine just cause that's the kinda guy I am. We have 3 songs on here from when we did our recordings at the studio. When we went in we knew we were gonna throw some of the good stuff with this split because Chulo's tracks we're beyond rad. To which they give us 3 in return. 

There are 2 versions of this tape in all. The US version which was put out by me. 50 in total. All of which are already gone. And I don't know the exact number that Chulo did but they have thier own version for Columbia. I hope to grab one of those pieces just to have everything in my greedy possession haha.

So there it is. It's all gone, if anybody wants to do a repress or even press this fucker on a 7'' hit us up. We'll be here!


  1. awsome ...
    I ready split with Chulo ... and they so burn out!!
    we can recomended this split to my blogs too ...