Monday, June 4, 2012


WOOO! Number 50!

A great way to mark this release is with a killer split!

Alright, what more can you ask for from two already raging bands? More music obviously. On tape? Sure! Vinyl? Fuck yea! Floppy  Disk?......wha?

That's probably the biggest reaction a lot of people had when they found out the newest Gripe/Chulo split would be released on a floppy disk. No one understood why, no one really wanted it. Just do a tape or cd they said! It'll be better they said! Well.....no. It's on a floppy. I honestly think this was a joke from band members to play on people. If it isn't, my mistake completely. But I just find it hilarious when people freak out over things like this. 

These just look amazing when they were all said and done. The art work is just phenomenal and the way they fit just right on the floppy says that the people who were designing this knew what they were doing. ;)

Before pounding these out the big question was how they would even be put out.
A quick visit to Ebay was the answer. Tons of USB floppy drives we're available. Just plug it in and your set to go! I found some old floppies I had kept since highschool. For the record my school was poor as shit. They were still using computers from when my older brother of 7 years was there so it fits around that time when floppy disks were still being used somewhat regularly.

On the floppy are one song from each band. And each song just kills. Gripe performs "Man Vs Cop" Chulo "Hombre Vs Tombo" Each song barely hits the 30 second mark. An awesome release if I may say so myself :)

And for those who don't want the floppy, the songs are available online somewhere. I think they might be on GK but you'd be missing out on the super secret special add on only in the floppy. ;D

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