Saturday, June 30, 2012


Okay! I'm just about done with playing catch up on all this shit! Next up is....

This is the Sordo Collection Cd. A catalog of releases that date from 2008 to present. I had been wanting to do this for a while for our lives shows. I did a big write up of it already on a notepad file, which accompanies the virtual download when you get this from Prime Egg Sample Recs.

It's about 65 pieces in total. I already forgot the exact amount because I worked on them in a hasty manner to get them ready before the Six Brew Bantha show. The colored pieces are "Die Hard" copies which were cloth pouches. The grey and brown ones are all recycled USPS packing material  which I fashioned into DIY cd sleeves. They all have screenprinted art on both sides and come with an 8.5x11 double sided insert.

Still have a few of these left. Don't hesitate to ask for it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


And here we go with another one! :D

Right here we have the Corrupt Humanity/Sordo split. This one came out a pretty decent pace unlike the other splits we had where it took almost several months for them to be done haha. This was I believe the second or third split we had planned and it's been out for a while. My good buddy David and I released this on both our labels and we split up the work. He did the dubbing and cassette labeling. I provided art. He did way more then me cause that's all I did really, print up art. I believe there are 50 copies of this. David managed to sell out his copies too! :D 

The Corrupt Humanity tracks on here rage plenty.  4 tracks are rad speed induced grind!

The Sordo tracks are decent in my humble opinion. Much more raw and "grindier" in a sense. Whenever we have a split we usually try to write material that would suit the other bands sound that way it's more or less the same similar stuff rather then two opposite genres. We dish out 4 tracks and a sub-par cover of Shitlickers "Warsystem" no guitar and thus no cheesy guitar solo in there so a lot is missing without the 6 other strings.

Copies should are on transit as we speak and is sure to go pretty fast!

Cheers to David for being a rad dude!

Oh, before I forget. We're still doing this thing, for those unaware we have these split "shorts" planned called "THE SHORTSZENNAGER"

Sorry for that extra non cropped white space haha.
There will be 10 of this printed up in the near future. Only available via our discontinued pre-order deal.
10 custom printed pairs of shorts screened by yours truly.

That's it I believe......k bye.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Alrighty, if you haven't been up to date with sick as hell grind bands then chances are you're very busy and have a lot on your mind. No one blames or hates you. Don't worry ;) But, when you do get back to mainland be sure to listen to SIX BREW BANTHA.

This trio hail from that place with the leaf...the maple syrup one that smells delicios and goes great with pancakes.....mmmmm......

Anyway, the first time I heard SBB was after seeing ARCHx
At the booth with merch I came across the split that had SBB on the split side. I had never heard of them but everybody had very high regards and marks towards it.

As soon as I got home I spun the ARCHx side and like always was pleased with the stuff. As soon as I flipped it though I was like "JKASFJKBASKFBASF"

shit was fuckin doooope!

I was looking at all dem lyrics and shiz and came across the contact info.

Im hopped on the comp...well not really a hop....more of a slow and sluggish pace really. I had just seen ARCHx what would you expect?

I sent them an email and we just hit it off. The next day I got a response and news about all the rad shit they have coming out soon.

I forget the whole chronology of it but in the end we wound up setting up a show for them over here in Oxnard as well as myself and Stu of Tombs In the Valley doing a tape version of their LP

We had a few bands come down that day.
Six Brew Bantha as pictured on the left.

Happy Pill Truama on the right.

Cancer Patient right up there.

Another Oxnard band FBA played as did my band Sordo and our buddies Swellbow!
It was a great show. Stressful as hell to coordinate and almost shut down by the fuzz to!

All worth it though haha.

Still have a few copies of the tape. Stu has all his available still too!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Alrighty! I get to write about another thing I'm a part of in terms of music teehee. I feel so giddy about this one because it's just awesome ;) 

This was on the dock for quite some time like all the other Sordo stuff. I usually put other bands releases before mine just cause that's the kinda guy I am. We have 3 songs on here from when we did our recordings at the studio. When we went in we knew we were gonna throw some of the good stuff with this split because Chulo's tracks we're beyond rad. To which they give us 3 in return. 

There are 2 versions of this tape in all. The US version which was put out by me. 50 in total. All of which are already gone. And I don't know the exact number that Chulo did but they have thier own version for Columbia. I hope to grab one of those pieces just to have everything in my greedy possession haha.

So there it is. It's all gone, if anybody wants to do a repress or even press this fucker on a 7'' hit us up. We'll be here!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

#54 Sordo - Most Definitely Not A Virus

Alrighty, with doing the few floppies that I did I just had to put some of my own stuff on one as well. It just seemed so fitting to hop on a bandwagon such as this lol. In any case, here's the picture to gander at.

Only 20 of these were made. I was originally gonna try and sell these separate but in being realistic about it. It's obvious that no one would just buy this alone. Let alone 20 people would want this shit.

It was included was our "Die Hard" collection cd. I'll post on that later.

Three songs on here from our latest recording session. They probably won't see the light of day unless you ask me for the tracks personally in which case you  will hear them!

Just in case your wondering about the title, don't worry. This floppy most certainly does NOT carry a virus. It WILL NOT melt your hardrive and most definitely will not erase all your years work of collecting porn that's hidden away in your folder under the name "Nickelback" You WILL NOT be enraged at us for putting in a trojan virus on a floppy disk that you paid 2 dollars for. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVEN PUT THIS IN A USB FLOPPY DRIVE UNLESS YOU WANT THE DAMN THING TO EXPLODE! I'M TYPING IN CAPS SO YOU SHOULD KNOW I'M SERIOUS.

#53 Waves Crashing Piano Chords

Alright, so as some may know the DIY Noise queue list of releases is just crazy long. I keep saying I'm gonna stop taking jobs but then something comes along where I just say "I NEED TO PUT THIS OUT" So was the case for WAVES CRASHING PIANO CHORDS

Now I know what your thinking. "Seriously Eddie? Another Floppy release? I already own all three color copies of the CHULO/GRIPE split floppy. I can't even play those to begin with!!" Why would you go ahead and make another one!?"

Well for starters FUCK YOU! Only kidding, but seriously. I think it's awesome. If you read back to the Chulo/Gripe write up you'll read that I grew up a bit with floppies....(sort of) It's not just something I do for hipster points....(I really do lol)

Besides you just have to wait and see what this was released on before it was on a  floppy disk!

Prepare your self for this!

*scroll down...*

You're probably thinking this by now...

"Is...is that a fucking 8-track?"

Sean Beard of WCPC does, that's who!

Sean got in touch with DIY Noise after a small discussion on a DIYN post of different formats. Paul of Spiderbaby Recs mentioned that the only thing unclaimed in grind was the release of media via an 8-track. Sean commented mentioning that WCPC had just released an 8 track. I asked how people would go about releasing one. He sent me a message a bit later saying this.

"hi, the place I went through actually was the last place in the US still making them professionally, and the Waves Crashing Piano Chords single was the last 8-track they did before shutting down about two months ago. The only other place still doing it stopped about a year ago. You can always do it yourself, but you will have to rebuild all the tapes because almost 90% of all surviving 8-tracks are ruined from the bad foam used in them, and you'll have to put a good amount of $$ into a recorder that will probably need to be refurbished to work properly. I had to spend almost $400 to get the 20 made that I did - I am selling them for almost half of what it cost to make them as well. Basically, it's expensive any way you go about it. Good luck!"

I asked him if he'd allow me to release it on floppy. The only possible alternative to a 8-track of course. The outcome was that which is pictured at the beginning. 20 pieces of incredibly harsh power-electronic noise on outdated plastic!

The 8-track version has officially sold out. I managed to get my greasy mitts on one. I still have a few floppies left over. Sean has gotten rid of his! 

dig it!

#52 Womb

Alrighty, this time we have...


Being in a band is pretty hard work sometimes. Even if it's all for fun it can get pretty stressful at times when things get sour with band mates. Sometimes even, you can't find anybody willing to be your mate. Sometimes even, you live alone or for that matter enjoy your privacy and solitude. 

For whatever the reasons may be, solo bands have always been something I've admired. Playing in Larva I know how hard it can be sometimes coming up with good tunes that I'm happy with. When things finally get done though you can sit back and enjoy the fact that the tunes you are listening to are exactly the way you want them to sound without having anybody else have a say.

Infected Womb is a one man band that doesn't show any end in this unrelenting tape. The figure head Mike blesses our ears with 10 tracks of straight up grind. Crazy shifting screams and guttural sounds coming from this dude.

The drums for me we're okay. I've always had a problem when it came to sampled drums even though I use them myself lol. 

All in all a solid grind release for the books.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

#51 Fuck Me Fuck My Noise/Brutal Reaction

Closing in on catching up to all the releases. This time we got one that didn't get much attention in terms of getting people hyped up for it and such.

A very good release the FUCK ME FUCK MY NOISE/BRUTAL REACTION split.

I'm almost positive I've heard Brutal Reaction or downloaded something from a blog of theirs some time ago.
I was contacted by BR via Google about putting out a co-released split with his label. He sent me 4 test tracks, two from each band, and I was mad as hell when I heard them. The songs were fucking rad! But they were super short awesome blasts of noise! I told him I needed more and agreed to do the split for them. I myself am a freak for Sore Throat. These two bands are essentially the same but just more raw and not so much produced. They blast through songs like nothing. Each song lasting for only a few seconds. 

Brutal Reaction side is just that. 119 blast of noise chaos. Super raw, super unproduced with no care for any musical direction other then making a fucking racket. My mom actually walked in on me listening to this and asked me for the millionth time what I heard in it. I answered like always "It's cool" She walked out disappointed for the upteenth time but then I actually asked myself the same question. WHY do I like this? What is it I heard in it? After the first three minutes of the same savage blasts being belted out, the answer came into formation.

*extreme philosophy time*

This music, if it can be called that, is a statement about the current state of mainstream music. How many times have you ever tuned into the radio and found yourself hearing the same song you've heard twice already on your commute to work? Perhaps these repetitious blasts of  rawness are meant to reflect the repetitive and droned out nature of the mainstream radio. And if you've heard the radio recently. Just about everything is digitized. From voices all the way to the way a performer looks on a music video or print add. It's as if nothing is real. Can the performers we hear and see even reproduce their faux sounds during a live performance? Chances are yes. Due to their highly advanced systems they can. This would mean that the savage and raw nature is a middle finger to all the overly produced and packaged "music" on the radio. All in all, it's something I can get behind. It's a protest in a sense to the mindless music being played on repeat for so long. If people can listen to that, what's to say that other people can't listen to this?

The FxMxFxN side is 20 songs of more extreme raw splendor. These songs are the perfect soundscape to a serial killers rampage. More awesome noise carnage but with a bit more lean on longer time running songs.

All in all a raging release for spasstic noise freaks only!

Monday, June 4, 2012


WOOO! Number 50!

A great way to mark this release is with a killer split!

Alright, what more can you ask for from two already raging bands? More music obviously. On tape? Sure! Vinyl? Fuck yea! Floppy  Disk?......wha?

That's probably the biggest reaction a lot of people had when they found out the newest Gripe/Chulo split would be released on a floppy disk. No one understood why, no one really wanted it. Just do a tape or cd they said! It'll be better they said! Well.....no. It's on a floppy. I honestly think this was a joke from band members to play on people. If it isn't, my mistake completely. But I just find it hilarious when people freak out over things like this. 

These just look amazing when they were all said and done. The art work is just phenomenal and the way they fit just right on the floppy says that the people who were designing this knew what they were doing. ;)

Before pounding these out the big question was how they would even be put out.
A quick visit to Ebay was the answer. Tons of USB floppy drives we're available. Just plug it in and your set to go! I found some old floppies I had kept since highschool. For the record my school was poor as shit. They were still using computers from when my older brother of 7 years was there so it fits around that time when floppy disks were still being used somewhat regularly.

On the floppy are one song from each band. And each song just kills. Gripe performs "Man Vs Cop" Chulo "Hombre Vs Tombo" Each song barely hits the 30 second mark. An awesome release if I may say so myself :)

And for those who don't want the floppy, the songs are available online somewhere. I think they might be on GK but you'd be missing out on the super secret special add on only in the floppy. ;D


Okie dokie. We got number 49! So close to hitting the 50th but no cigar.

I was contacted by one of the members about putting this out. If my knowledge serves me correct, it had already been released on cd-r. I checked out the music and in all honesty wasn't expecting much with a name like "Mr. Whiskers" . To my surprise it was a pretty good ep. It starts with a Tootsie Pop commercial sample about how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop and then kicks into overdrive. Everything about the tunes screams DIY. Muddied drums, almost muted guitars and a dude barking vocals right over everything. The track names alone are good for a quick laugh if you have the mind of an 8 year old....which I do...
I'm sure these guys will be loved and adorned by fans of all ages for many years to come. Who will be able to forget classics such as "Fondling My Balls...of Yarn" "Throw Yo Panties On The Stage" and "Girls That Like To Go Bot Ways"

Class A shit right here!

Check em out!