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Sposa En Alto Mare Review

Today I'm going to be doing a review!
I don't normally do these and quite honestly don't see myself as a reviewer of any sorts. Mostly because I feel like I don't have the proper language skills to fully express what I feel about a band or even describe how exactly they sound.

In any way here we go!

I first got into these guys a while back. I ordered a big mystery pack from Bullshit Propaganda, a rad as fuck label. I loved EVERY thing I got in the mystery pack. One of the said releases was the AGATHOCLES/SPOSA EN ALTO MARE split. I was a bit bummed when I saw it since I had given up my quest for AGx releases. Either way, after being dissapointed with the AGx side I got a chance to spin the SEAM side. It was fucking great! Totally blew the AGx side out of the water with blistering fast as fuck grind/hardcore fastcore shit.

Immediately after I looked em up on google and found out they were based in Italy. After spending all my money on BSP I had no more to pick up what they had :(

The next day I kid you not they hit me up and I was like...ZZZOMG!!! These guys are talking to me from Italy!! They asked me if I could do a review of their tape and I was like ....ZZZZZOMG! I'm talking to these guys!....IN ITALY! :D

After exchanging a few words I received two promo tapes from them to bring you this review!

1.GELO/SPOSA EN ALTO MARE - We Don't Like Your Face! split

This is the first tape I listened too.
On the A side is Gelo. The first song LOBOTOMIA begins at a mid tempo beat with really cool groove riiffage accompanied with a gruff singer who kinda barks the vocals out. The riffs come with a lot of changes. Keeps your brain moving and strays from being stale. It's sped a whole lot up on the second track PIUTTOSTO UCCIDIMI and vocals take a turn for what I would consider actual singing haha and not screaming. It's a nice change of pace, although not one you would expect often from a crust or grind band.
The same general pace is kept throughout the 8 songs. Very clean production with a bit more of a lean towards thrash then crust/grind in my opinion.

5 members in total for this band lyrics tend to focus on animal abuse, morbid thoughts on the self, and the troubles of being forced to live with a ignorant uninformed public.

Right into the B side of SPOSA ALTO MARE

These guys squeeze two extra songs in and in turn make for shorter recordings. I prefer short songs myself, after about 1:30 for some bands I just tune out. These guys definitly have a bigger lean towards grind a la Cripple Bastards. Make sense since they're both from Italy. All these tracks really tie in well with each other. We're also given a really cool synth electro style song at the end which is just hilarious after hearing grind jams for the last 15 minuets. We are even given a very good rendition of Anal Cunts "Youre A Cop", they stay pretty close to the original without sounding like they are trying to go for an exact copy of the song. Again, very good production on this. The bass guitar seems to be drowned out by the guitar, but after listening for a bit the hint drops that the bass stays about where the guitar is riff wise. The vocals compliment the instruments just right. The lyrics focus on macho asshole, the dangers of excessive drug use. Te beautiful country of Italy and fear of an atomic halocaust

300 pieces were made. All pressed on opaque red shells with a very nicely printed insert that seems to fold out forever. It contains all the lyrics and credits for the songs in Italian as well as in English which is just awesome. I was very lucky to receive copy number 16...or 14....it could be 26/24 or even 74/76. A bit hard to read since everybody's handwriting is different.

Overall a cool release.

Second up is a huge 4-way split

I very much enjoyed this tape because the SEAM side was all live material. Recorded very well too, and not on a cellphone like other bands have been guilty of doing for a release.  The bands on this release were TURRONIZER - grind from Spain who give us a rad as fuck live set from when they played in Barcelona. Awesome high pitched vocals and a great band presence. They stay true to my favorite motto "Play Fast Or DIE" 13 songs in total complete with a Napalm Death cover.

EBOLA -goregrind from Italy. I'm not a fan of goregrind very much. so i'm very selective when it comes to a band that claims to be gore. Ebola were okay. Nothing caught my fancy and not so much memorable stuff in there for me. 

Flip over to the B side and we get a super live rendition of a set from SEAM. The songs are tighter and plenty faster. I've always appreciated a band who could play faster live. You can tell the adrenaline is pumping when you hear them playing. Testosterone is in full force in this recording and you can totally tell they were all mad as hell to be playing like this. Again, we are given a silly techo like synth pop song that just makes me bust up as soon as it starts. These guys crank out 12 tunes. 10 if you don't count intro's and outros as songs. Either way. Lots of songs for a short live set. 

The last band was Hippy Crack from Finland. This one threw me off since I was just pummled with a brutal grind onslaught. Hippy Crack just hit the brakes and give us a really cool and weird noise recording. The sensation of floating in space is really apparent. It's a bit hard to get into, and it doesn't last long enough to fully sink into. Need to hear a bit more from these guys.

Lastly as a bonus!

When I think of AGx I think Mince. These tracks had me scratching my head from the get go. We are given three very slow paced D-Beat tracks. I love D-beat with a burning passion, but these tracks just seem to drag on. Almost as if they we're forced. And with a title like "Grind Pope" you kinda get the feeling that steam is running low on this engine.

The SPOSA side was just unrelenting. It starts out with an intro of from some movie or something and then right into a huge wave of trash noise goodness. We are given 5 tracks, three if you don't count Intro's and Outros again. They put out a whopping 666 pieces of this slab of wax out. I got a banana yellow copy myself handumbered a like 566 or something.

Overall a great release for the SPOSA side alone.

If you'd like to get in touch with SPOSA hit them up here!



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