Monday, May 28, 2012


Now taking a look at...

Ahhhh the LARVA/LOST APPEAL split mini cd.

I was stoked on this release because I was on it! Only kidding....sort of ;)
Anyway, I hadn't recorded any new noise for Larva in the longest time. As i said, the label just has me tied down trying to get stuff out. Even being held back on these write ups.

In any case. This was a very minimalist release. I had some mini-cd's laying around so all this took was to come up with some art. Hardest part was recording the tunes haha.

I wanted to record some new stuff after I had heard the Lost Appeal tracks, which were way better then the Larva by far. I was originally doing noisegrind tracks with sampled drums. Those took forever though and so for this I tried to blare out some bass noise a la Dechecharge. I can't amount to them at all so what you get is some repeated bass picking and various grunts from me.

The Lost Appeal stuff is just sick! First time I got to hear Andrew scream his lungs out! I can describe the noise being similar like a TV coming in and out of focus. Not just one though, many in a room just short circuiting nonstop between static and a mess of incomprehensible noise . Very good stuff indeed!

All copies of this sold out!

Lost Appeal has much more tunes up on the net. Check em out!

as for Larva. I did a google search and found thousands of bands with the same name.

Nothing yet, I'd like to do a cd sometime soon of pure RTE stuff.

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