Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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The Drip - The Wasteland Ep

This was a very good release! I hadn't heard of the Drip prior to releasing them but was very eager to begin work on it. The art was rad! It was handled by Arif Rot of Wormrot I believe. ( I've just got into Wormrot. Awesome band need to start picking up their stuff!)

This was a co-release between myself and Vii Caso of Operation Grindcore!
It was actually handled pretty fast in my opinion. It was during this time that I had gotten a new duplicator. My old one just stopped recording onto new tapes. Even worse that I was in the process of dubbing the comp tapes. So as soon as I got the new dubber I tried to crank it out as fast as possible. Vii had sent money for the release and I hate holding onto to peoples money without providing the goods.

On this release the Drip give us 8 tracks of very well produced and refined Grind a la Insect Warfare and Nasum. Very awesome stuff with raging vocals and even tinges on a bit of D-beat influence which is apparent in the guitar strumming. As far as length goes this in my opinion falls right in the "perfect" realm. It's not to short to leave you wanting more, and def not to long to leave you forgetting about it while you do some chores.

This just came out not too long ago so I have tons of copies available/
The Drip have their copies and I think OG should have thiers soon!

Check em out!

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