Monday, May 28, 2012


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Brazil is known for many things. In the underground however. It's infamously known for it's seemingly endless network of goregrind bands.

A while back I picked up a tape entitled the "Brazil Scene" might I say it was one of the filthiest chunks of plastic I had ever heard. All the bands were just pumping out tune after tune of sick and gory grind with low gutterel growls and screams. I knew what I was in for when I was contacted by Glesio to do a release haha.

We eventually got to work out a release and so this came out!

Boneache - Extreme Bone Trituration.

The amount of tunes this guy pops out along with all the other dirty grinders would give Final Exit a run for thier money! This was a double sided tape featuring over almost and hours worth of music divided amongst the two sides. Pure audio rape of the ears! 

I still have loads of copies of this. In fact, i'm still wating on a bulk trade from Glesio. Should probably ask him about it haha.

This dude is a machine and is still grinding out more new tunes!

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