Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Alright! Got caught up with a ton of the past releases so hopefully I can keep this thing up to date!

This next one is......

A collective co-release between myself. Fastdie Records. Tombs In The Valley Records and Dendo Records. (Be sure to check the links out on the right hand side!...they should be there under "Buddies" :D)

This was the very first PRO-TAPE that I had the pleasure of doing! To be honest, it wasn't much fun for me to release this (funny how I said "pleasure"). I love both bands very much, it had nothing to do with the bands or music but more over the lack of hands on work that was involved in the release. The tape itself was pressed in Malaysia with Hazree of Fastdie Recs I payed an allotted amount of cash and in the days that passed I received these bad boys! (Thus where the pleasure comes in) Although I didn't get to do any official hands on work aside from folding and printing out 20 special alternate USA cover copies of this (pictured above^^^), the way these sound and look just blew me away. 

Don't they look awesome!?  DUH! They look fucking great! But they came at a price.(A very reasonable price) but still there wasn't much fun for me in this in being able to actually work with and dub the tapes. I guess it's the reason why I'd rather do things on my own. There is  a slight satisfaction I feel after finishing something. It's almost like nurturing a helpless koala back into health....not really. I just didn't like the idea so much of just paying someone to do something i feel like I'm now fully capable of doing on my own.

If i could figure out how to do the offset printing (or whatever it's called) i'd be in total business. Perhaps that should be my next step for DIY Noise.

In any case, onto the release.

On the A side we have Malaysia's dirty grinders Diseksa!
Diseksa are fucking rad! I love how they sound. Their full and dirty raw nature speak to me the true nature of Grind. Angry, primitive and organic. On this release they pump out 5 noisy as fuck raw tunes and even churn out a rad as fuck rendition of "Just Fucking Die" by Gripe. These tracks were also handled and mastered by J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Grindcore Karaoke. These guys can blast on forever! Just love it love it love it! What I love even more is the DIY effort these dudes put in. Always cranking out new stuff which everybody should gobble up!

On the flip side we have the mighty Gripe. Starting off with a sample from Saving Private Ryan. It leads right into more of the awesome carnage we expect from these dudes. We are even treated to a dope ass cover of Diseksas "War Is Business" These tracks just sound phenomenal. Although I do prefer raw tracks. I always see it as a bonus when bands pull whatever resources they can to deliver audible tracks. Any band can throw a recorder in the middle of a practice room and blare out tunes. (Did somebody mention Sordo?) Once done, package and distribute and hope people will spend 3-5 dollars on a tape/cd/floppy disk and call it a day. It's really awesome when a band can get their shit together and crank out songs like pro's in the shortest amount of time since most studios charge an hourly rate. I'm not sure if they did do it in a studio actually. Shows how much I pay attention to stuff :/

In any case. This was a great release. In short. Both these bands rule. I missed the hands on work of a pro-tape relase. Everybody should buy these tapes from all the labels......it's punk bro.

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