Monday, May 28, 2012

#40 Blister Unit (and some ranting)

It's been a while since I posted something. Mainly because of how unrelentingly busy I've been with work and the label and my own band.

Work is work, need to work to keep the label going. The label is going because I'd still like to continue to help put bands out and help out. Lately though it's becoming a challenge with the amount of people that have been stiffing me. Word to the wise. Never agree to send international packs without receiving some sort of payment either in the form of cash, trades or goats blood.

My band has been taking a break not by choice to be honest, but more because I haven't called my drummer to set up a practice. The label has me by the balls almost but I aim on fixing that soon since we have a lot we all want to accomplish and get finsihed.

That's it for the rant for now. Onto the main release at hand.

The last release I wrote up on was KORPSTENCHE. If you've been keeping up with me then you'll know I'm pretty far behind with these write ups. Hope to get many done right now...onto BLISTER UNIT!

This release was very delayed. Around this time I believe I had begun on the Comp which sucked up a good 2 months of life from me haha. It's still bleeding me even right now! Anyhow, these guys were very nice and patient which I very much appreciated. Even after continuous "Almost done" replys and "In a bit" they kept their cool and like sir's stood waiting with thier heads up.

If you haven't heard of Blister Unit, I can describe them as a large Rhino charging at you full speed. Just imagine that for a second. a large angry creature with you locked on it's sights. The sound of it's giant feet pummeling your ear drums. You know a certain gruesome death is in store for you. Blister Unit make you feel like that. Not like your gonna die. But your inner doomed person about to be trampled by a fucking rhino!

Along with the single sided tapes came buttons!

Check out the sweet ass rad as fuck grinding violence here!

I do believe all my copies of this sold out! Go beg em for a copy!

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