Tuesday, May 29, 2012


And now we have...

OOOooooOOOoo The CRUTCH/SORDO split 

This split along with the Sordo/FBA split was planned out loooong ago. Before this it was the GOYAM/SORDO split. Since that time members of Crutch (formerly Goyam) we're in a bind with their former drummer who was for reasons that won't be mentioned, not a good fit for the band.

They got a new drummer Matt Ants of Anthrot and thier sound just immersed that much better with the fresh blood.

This split really stands out for the Crutch tracks alone. To hear the progression of this band change with each new release is just awesome. They get faster, more fierce and more tight with thier songs. They deliver 5 tracks one of which being a cover of Aus Rottens "Fuck Nazi Sympathy"

I'm pretty sure this was the very first split we had planned out since we had released our demo cd-r. But as things go haha it was delayed for various reasons. Cash, songs, art , etc... We were all really stoked once it did finally see the light of day. On here we have 4 songs. All either previously recorded or released but this time with superior studio recordings. The thing that had me most excited about this release was the art itself haha. I reallly relllay reallllllly wanted to use the cover art for Final Fight. One of my alltime favorite SNES games ever. The cover was just too badass not to use. I'm surprised no one to my knowledge had used it yet. Either way, super glad I did. This was the first tape to be pressed on 100 copies in total. 50 for each band and with alternate covers. Our the Final Fight cover. Crutches side a different version I haven't seen yet.

Our version of this tape sold out! Crutch should still have some and we are awaiting the new covers to which another 25 will be available with soon!

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