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I've mentioned this once before. I don't want DIY NOISE to be a strictly one genre type of label. I guess I'd be off my rocker since I usually put out really low-profile stuff but in no way do I want to contain myself to Grind or PV. Today's the day I share with you the first Black Metal release for DIYN.


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Being raised a religious person knowing only a select discography of music doesn't allow for me to do this release any justice. For the longest time anything that was abrasive to the ears was automatically considered satanic music. In hindsight, it's pretty funny how much music is considered to be for Beelzebub. He probably has a huge discography of tunes at his disposal. 

I'll be upfront, I have no idea what Black Metal is supposed to sound like or what makes someone good. The absolute best I can do is give an honest opinion with fresh ears. 

It was exciting to hear a new genre for the first time. I had heard other black metal songs in passing at times but I had never sat down to go through a full album. Before I start dubbing tapes systematically I always sit down and dub the master. Rather then let the tape run while I play video games or answer email, I like to sit down and soak up just exactly what I'm releasing. It'd be pretty dumb of me to put something out without so much as listening to it.

The 11 track EP starts off with a drone sound which leads into a sweet heart wrench distorted guitar. It ends soon enough. The follow-up jumps right into the eerie distorted guitar as hit after hit of...hits are delivered. The bass is audible enough in the background (after checking the instruments I came to realize there is no bass) 

I found myself laying down while listening to this. I find that for each genre of music that doesn't suit your normal palette you need to find someway to make the tunes fit in to whatever you are doing. In this case I laid myself down and put myself in a horror flick. I imagined a group of teenagers rummaging through an old wooden cabin only to stumble upon a copy of the necronomicon. Oddly enough my vision seemed to fit with the tunes. 

The third track brings on a nice change of speed the likes of which I'm accustomed to hearing. The key tremolo picking is present as well as the the blasting beats. We also get to hear the first vocals being laid down. They come out raw like a rabid dog barking at a poor defenseless victim about to have their throat ripped agape.

With my knowledge of Black Metal I was under the impression that all that happened was intense tremolo picking with blastbeats pounding away in the background.

A really cool stand out song for me was track 6 "Tears Of Tragedy" The title suits the mood of the song. An acoustic guitar with steel strings with a hint of reverb to give off a somber ambiance. The inclusion of what I believe of wind instruments gives it a nice touch as well.

Track 9 oddly enough puts us in a woodland area haha. A few seconds of birds and a nearby creek are the soundscape as a creeping ominous sensation begins to overwhelm the surroundings. It leads right into a pounding beat that goes on with the vocals barking in the back. 

As I said before, I came into this with a fresh pair of ears. From now and on I'll be comparing anything related to Black Metal with this band.

This was a nice standout release for a variety of reasons. The first and foremost, this being my first Black Metal Release. The second being that it opened me up to try out and give other Black Metal artists a go without passing it up. Third, Eddie was just a fantastic dude to work with. Great guy with kinds words about the label and an honest sense of DIY. Thanks for the funds to help put this out Eddie! I hope to find myself putting out another Black Metal release. Hopefully a future Korpstenche follow up as well!

Check out the music here!

All copies of this release have sold out by the way. 
Hit up Korpstench personally to see if they have any copies left!

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