Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm seriously in love with the bagheads.

These dudes just make me wanna give up playing noise and start a new band in hopes to try and emulate them in terms of noisegrind goes.

And so, I'm very proud and honored to have been able to put out this sweet monstrosity.

25 of these fuckers inside a spongebob squarepants bag haha.

Get it? Cause bagheads. BAGheads?
It's funny...RIGHT!?!?!?


Rad as fuck noisegrind. For NOISEFREAKS ONLY!


*Forgot to write up on the Hyperemisis/Rotten Bitch split*

I was hit up by Andy I believe about releasing his Mincegore project on tape. He was gonna split with Rotten Bitch. I hadn't heard of any of Andy's previous work but I loved this stuff. I'm not a fan of goregrind but as mentioned above this is actually mincegore!

Still more gore but with enough hints of mince for me to enjoy very much :)

The Rotten Bitch side is pure flith!
Porn?Gore? No clue. But it was worth a listen. Made 50 in total, and I still need to send Andy his copies. Doing so soon!
Sold out by the way.

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