Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am SO glad this is finally out. I'm pretty sure more then 6 months have passed since this was announced.
Anyway more noisy tunes!

This time in 40 copies.

I don't really like to say much about my own releases. I feel like i'm being pretentious and uppity.

But I will say this.

Our side was recorded a while back. We we're still trying to keep (or at least attempt) to play Powerviolence. Fact of the matter is we can't really. I can name like 6 bands who pull the sound off way better then us. I think by this time we had also agreed to do like 6-7 other splits. We were def trying to knock em out so grinding out tunes was our aim for this time frame.

In the end we cranked about about 1:29 worth of music. Nothing really. That's pretty much a single.
Even after audio samples we only brought it up to about 2 minuets.

FBA was still on hold with thier stuff and in that time we were gathering up some live material for our (now cancelled) split with Goyam (now Crutch, whom we are resuming the split under that name).

I took all the compiled live tracks including a noise like intro and added it to the FBA split matieral and we came up to about 6:50 worth of tunes.

The recorded tracks sound nice and raw. They capture our spastic essence whenever we play live and joke around with our improv songs.

The live recordings are one FUCKING racket. Complete with tons of feedback and noise whirring oscillations that will make your brain numb.

In the end, I was very happy with the material.

The FBA side is rad as well.
It starts with a noiselike-drone out- psychotic attack. It reminded of me of American Psycho.
It goes on for a few and then in come the tunes. Great jams that were unlike the early FBA stuff. The early stuff was more fastcore type stuff. This time it's slower, more sludgy. It treks along. Like someone taking stabs at a rabid wolf in a maniacal rage.

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