Sunday, February 12, 2012



These were the very first thoughts that raced through my mind when I found out I was putting this out.

It starts off like this.

A few months back, the lovely LA grinders had asked my band Sordo to come play a show.
We had a blast and if I remember...it was the same day as the split with CancerxPatient came out.

After the show had ended we were just talking to a bunch of dudes from the show.
Somehow I overheard someone say something related to having trouble putting out a release.

I interjected suggesting that if needed I'd be more then happy to help out.
I was talking to SAFG I believe and they had told me it was a split with *******

I couldn't hear what he said. My ears were ringing from playing so close to my bass amp.
At the time I had never heard of SAFG (Set Aside For Genocide)
When I got home and got in contact with SAFG they sent me the art for the release and to my complete shock found out the other band on the split.


This was like... the fuckin Mega Lotto for me!

I love this band!
Awesome shit that seemed so far away from me for some reason. The kind of band you see only from the poster hanging in your bedroom kinda deal.

I may be off my hinges, but it's just how I felt.

Aside from the rad as fuck artwork from The Pit Stage in Mortal Kombat, both of the bands chuck out very awesome spurts of fastcore/PV

Hoy Pinoy play a sound similar to Spazz, so if you're them. You'll love these guys.
SAFG play sans guitar and have a cross kinda sound of Godstomper and No Comment.

Very good solid release. A must have for PV/Fastcore fans.

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