Sunday, February 12, 2012


What can I say about this band.

Well in all honesty, not much.
This band is now defunct.

And I think it's a shame when a good band has to call it a day. Sincerely, I don't know to much about this band other then the fact that it was a really REALLY good one.

From the little I do know, I can say that this reminded me of ( I hate comparing bands to other well known bands...so I think I'll skip on that)

The Ep titled "Support Hate" starts out with the ever basic "1,2,3,4" in snare form. Followed by a onslaught of fierce female vocals that shrill in your ear like a blender. The riffs are very memorable and infectious. They stick to you like a vinyl chair on a hot summers day. ?...?

As the first some comes to a close we are presented a slew of farm animal noises.
What I can only imagine as a giant orgy being orchestrated Old McDonald himself.

The Ep finishes just about as fast as it starts and just leaves you feeling robbed of something.
It's too short. A wonderful ep, only to be shot down faster then a premature ejaculation.

 50 tapes out and did I mention that this was a split release with OEPRATION GRINDCORE!?

I hope either Andrew or Vii does a review of this (maybe they have already?) They can give you a better description of this then I can.

50 tapes!
all numbered.
20 to Andrew.
20 for myself
and 10 to Hoglust upon their request.

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  1. Awesome you digged the stuff, wish we couldve made another EP. But I'm pretty sure there is a track missing if this tape was made from Grindcore Karaoke... "March of the Hoglust" was between Sty Thighs and FFD. Just FYI. Oi.