Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Finally got around to get some new stuff done.

Today's release is Hedorah!
Hailing from the dirty run down slums of detroit comes a band that def shows the toll that the harsh city can take on a few individuals.

With abrasive yet infectiously rhythmic songs, one can only be sucked into a dark and evil void.

The production on this is just fantastic. And I only hope the transfer to tape format will add more depth and raw energy to this already fantastic act.

Check it out here!


For fans of grind/sludge/doom/crust.

50 tapes in total. These dudes were rad and helped me out with the costs so 40 went to them and 10 for myself.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am SO glad this is finally out. I'm pretty sure more then 6 months have passed since this was announced.
Anyway more noisy tunes!

This time in 40 copies.

I don't really like to say much about my own releases. I feel like i'm being pretentious and uppity.

But I will say this.

Our side was recorded a while back. We we're still trying to keep (or at least attempt) to play Powerviolence. Fact of the matter is we can't really. I can name like 6 bands who pull the sound off way better then us. I think by this time we had also agreed to do like 6-7 other splits. We were def trying to knock em out so grinding out tunes was our aim for this time frame.

In the end we cranked about about 1:29 worth of music. Nothing really. That's pretty much a single.
Even after audio samples we only brought it up to about 2 minuets.

FBA was still on hold with thier stuff and in that time we were gathering up some live material for our (now cancelled) split with Goyam (now Crutch, whom we are resuming the split under that name).

I took all the compiled live tracks including a noise like intro and added it to the FBA split matieral and we came up to about 6:50 worth of tunes.

The recorded tracks sound nice and raw. They capture our spastic essence whenever we play live and joke around with our improv songs.

The live recordings are one FUCKING racket. Complete with tons of feedback and noise whirring oscillations that will make your brain numb.

In the end, I was very happy with the material.

The FBA side is rad as well.
It starts with a noiselike-drone out- psychotic attack. It reminded of me of American Psycho.
It goes on for a few and then in come the tunes. Great jams that were unlike the early FBA stuff. The early stuff was more fastcore type stuff. This time it's slower, more sludgy. It treks along. Like someone taking stabs at a rabid wolf in a maniacal rage.


Ooooooooo....this is a good one.

There is a big big big story with these guys.
Includind several name changes and a few line-up changes I believe.

Crutch are from so-so cal. Close to ze border!!

Imagine the filthy love child of Infest and Iron Lung.
What you would get is the bastard offspring that would be Crutch.

Before they were Crutch they were Goyam. A short lived band that was gonna do a split with Sordo. After a brief stint with the drummer, remaining members Martin and Kevin recruited Matt of Anthort.

The songs became heavier. More grim and vagrant.
This ep, contains all the songs from the first Goyam ep and more, including a DROPDEAD cover.

Don't sleep on this!



These were the very first thoughts that raced through my mind when I found out I was putting this out.

It starts off like this.

A few months back, the lovely LA grinders had asked my band Sordo to come play a show.
We had a blast and if I remember...it was the same day as the split with CancerxPatient came out.

After the show had ended we were just talking to a bunch of dudes from the show.
Somehow I overheard someone say something related to having trouble putting out a release.

I interjected suggesting that if needed I'd be more then happy to help out.
I was talking to SAFG I believe and they had told me it was a split with *******

I couldn't hear what he said. My ears were ringing from playing so close to my bass amp.
At the time I had never heard of SAFG (Set Aside For Genocide)
When I got home and got in contact with SAFG they sent me the art for the release and to my complete shock found out the other band on the split.


This was like... the fuckin Mega Lotto for me!

I love this band!
Awesome shit that seemed so far away from me for some reason. The kind of band you see only from the poster hanging in your bedroom kinda deal.

I may be off my hinges, but it's just how I felt.

Aside from the rad as fuck artwork from The Pit Stage in Mortal Kombat, both of the bands chuck out very awesome spurts of fastcore/PV

Hoy Pinoy play a sound similar to Spazz, so if you're them. You'll love these guys.
SAFG play sans guitar and have a cross kinda sound of Godstomper and No Comment.

Very good solid release. A must have for PV/Fastcore fans.


This shit went faster then ANY of my releases ever.

Gripe RIP THROUGH YOUR FUCKIN SKULL with another crazy ass hate fulled grind rampage!

Their latest offering Pig Servant deals utter devastation unlike heard before from their first release The Future Doesn't Need you (which I also put out ;)...)

I just can't grasp how fast this tape went. 60 copies were made and my shares were gone within the first hours I had it up.

I haven't even had a chance to mail off the bands copies yet. It's been about 2 weeks already.
I've been trying to save up a bit of cash to help out with the 7'' version of the same title.

Can't wait to hear this on a slab of wax.

A 2nd run of tapes (this time of 100) has already been scheduled and will be co-released with Andrew from Operation Grindcore.

Stay on the lookout. These nihilist grinders will not fade away any time soon.


What can I say about this band.

Well in all honesty, not much.
This band is now defunct.

And I think it's a shame when a good band has to call it a day. Sincerely, I don't know to much about this band other then the fact that it was a really REALLY good one.

From the little I do know, I can say that this reminded me of ( I hate comparing bands to other well known bands...so I think I'll skip on that)

The Ep titled "Support Hate" starts out with the ever basic "1,2,3,4" in snare form. Followed by a onslaught of fierce female vocals that shrill in your ear like a blender. The riffs are very memorable and infectious. They stick to you like a vinyl chair on a hot summers day. ?...?

As the first some comes to a close we are presented a slew of farm animal noises.
What I can only imagine as a giant orgy being orchestrated Old McDonald himself.

The Ep finishes just about as fast as it starts and just leaves you feeling robbed of something.
It's too short. A wonderful ep, only to be shot down faster then a premature ejaculation.

 50 tapes out and did I mention that this was a split release with OEPRATION GRINDCORE!?

I hope either Andrew or Vii does a review of this (maybe they have already?) They can give you a better description of this then I can.

50 tapes!
all numbered.
20 to Andrew.
20 for myself
and 10 to Hoglust upon their request.