Thursday, January 12, 2012


Alrighty! So I'm pretty positive this is the FASTEST I've ever been to compile a release. I had sent the artwork off to the lab about 3-4 days ago and it arrived today. So I figured it be best to start dubbing the tapes up with the new duplicator I got.

*Quick aside on the duplicator...the thing is pretty old. When I say it "works" I mean that very loosely. It works, but it produces VERY raw duplications. Of course I cleaned the heads, very well I might add too. Anyway, I'll just assume since it's pretty old that it won't produce pristine  copies hiss and drop in and fade out and all this other stuff. I really wish I could of experimented with a SORDO or LARVA release to be a guinea pig and see how it would turn out. But using the duplicator just makes stuff roll along SO MUCH FASTER. With a sacrifice for quality, I could keep dubbing tapes one at a time, but it just doesn't seen very efficient in my brain. What can take 2-3 weeks at times (depending on releases) can be done in a matter of a few hours. A worthy sacrifice in my opinion. If you're considering having me do you tapes, please ask me about this. I can very well do them in the duplicator crazy fast. Or if quality is your quest, I can do them one at a time as well still. Just bear with me when it comes to doing them one at a time*

On to the bands.

Two of my favorite local bands at the moment.
Violent Americans especailly since of the amount of work these young lads have been putting in for show organization and such.

Swellbow because they just fuckin rock!

I put out the V/A demo a while back and the material presented here is ALOT better.
A lot more refined, more chaotic and spastic and awesome! Great hardcore that will oblierate any two-stepping poser that tries to step up.

Swellbow answer back with 5 rad as fuck songs. If I had a skateboard I'd be ripping shit up to these dudes!

Check em out!



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