Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today's update is Psychotic Sufferance! These dudes are fuckin ill! Crazy legendary band from what I've gathered. You know those bands that do like a TON of splits with virtually any band. This is one of those bands. It's something I've always appreciated about bands like this. It just shows that they aren't lazy and are very motivated to keep writing and constantly grinding out new tunes. It's easy to just make a racket and call it a split, but with these guys-you can honestly tell they care and put a lot of effort into thier work. All while enjoying what they do by having tons of fun.

I was very happy to be able to put this out. A rad as hell one sided full length featuring 18 songs that clock in at around 14 minuets.

50 tapes in total. Some have a blue splatter design where as others have a half tone color of green and orange.

Check em out!


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