Saturday, January 14, 2012


*Original title was "FUCK PINK FLOYD*

Fuck them up their stupid asses. "Oh I'm David Gilmore! Fuckin worship me cause I use to play with Pink Floyd!" "Play Alice in Wonderland and Dark Side of the Moon! They totally sync together!"

I fuckin hate snotty pretentious musicians. Anybody who claims to have talent and brushes anybody else who can't play legatos smoothly or plays in the wrong pentameter key. I don't even know what I'm talking about now.

More noise shit!

Very happy with this release.
I was trying to do constant LARVA releases. Just for fun, and also because I kinda wanted to emulate G.D and Bastard Noise with all the splits they put out within a matter of months It doesn't seem like I have so much free time to make noise and have fun with it.

This was originally supposed to be a series of splits with each band. Stuff came up and called for tapes to be shared and so this came about. A nice and really diverse 4-way noise split. With how well this one turned out I think I might even compile a noise comp on tape soon! Who knows! Time will tell!

The artists here are myself adding up another tally mark with LARVA. about 10 minutes of noisecore/grind.
Vii Caso of Hiroshima Vacation and contributor at Operation Grindcore brings a very nice 5 minuet noize piece. Crazy grind stuff and all tweaked out with crazy distortion and shit. More cyber like. Then we have the Bagheads. Two meth freaks from an undisclosed trailer park.And last but not least is Paul Phipps of Rectal Twat other awesome noise acts. Bringing to the table a heaping 26 minuets of acoustic death metal!


So for this I just did 40 tapes. I don't think people are gonna want this. I'm pretty sure this will be up for download for free sometime in the near future even haha, so if you're not into collecting or anything don't bother!

This one was particularly lazy on my part. This was sitting on the queue for quite a while. The cards were stitting on my desk for a few months I believe. I had just needed time to dub the tapes. I was REALLY dreading the dubbing for the Paul Phipps section. One tape at a time would of meant...10+ hours of dubbing. I did these with the duplicator because FUCK QUALITY! and was able to do them in about 3 hours.

Each tape has a nice handmade marking with the saying "U MAD BRO?" on one side and "ESTAS ENOJADO HERMANO?" spanish for "Are these my pancakes?"

Also, pretty geeky on my part but I actually numbered these. 1-40 and I covered each with a lotto style scratcher sticker. A pretty neat thing, in my opinion, just to add some flair-if any-to the tape.

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