Saturday, December 17, 2011

Interview w/Animal Train

I can recall in the very early stages of DIY NOISE that I was doing interviews.
In the beginning in the label I wasn't thinking about putting bands out on tape, I was just aiming to be an interview online thing just to pass time during my summer vacation.

After my first two interviews I got excited and asked more well known  bands if they would agree to one, most did but I'm sure now after five months they just either forgot or didn't care much for my questions.

Either way, here's one with a Texas based punk rock band by the name of Animal Train.

E- First off tell us the name of your group. Who are the members whichmake up the group?
A.T- Animal Train
CJ: Vox
Rich: Guitar
Jeremy: Drums, Vox
Chris: Bass, Vox

E- How long has this group been active? Is there any special theme or message behind the name?
A.T- We’ve been a band since 2007.  We relocated from Upper Darby, PA in late January 2011 and met up with Jeremy and Chris to form our current lineup.  The name pays tribute to an old friend of the band.

E- Do the members participate in other musical acts?
A.T - Animal Train keeps us pretty busy but in our free time we jam and do other projects.  Nothing serious though just something to do for fun from time to time.

E - It's interesting to hear a band shout OI! Believe it or not, I've met a few people who don't know what OI! means, yet shout it whenever possible. Can you guys tell the readers what this means? Where it came from? Thought's on why it's such a popular term?

A.T - Well, there’s just nothing like some good old oi’ in the morning.. it perks up your ears and gets your day moving with a crooked grin and fist up in the air…the term oi means different things within specific cultures… but to us it represents our love of UK oi punk ..we included it the song NRA because it was fitting to the overall feel.. our sounds are influenced by lots of old school punk bands and this song specifically sites our love for Menace, Sham 69 and others.. we feel the whole Cockney has now spread its wings to globally become this enormous family of a guts and blood spitting working class world. Oi !!!
E - I see on your guys profile that you're all about the DIY ethic. Something I'm super down with as well. What does DIY mean to you guys, of course it means Do It Yourself, but it seems as if there's a

broader sense to the term that's arisen through people's. How do you guys DIY?

A.T - D.I.Y. to us is just about keeping it simple and having fun.  It also means doing things on your own terms.  Yes of course it means do it yourself and as you should.  Get out there and make things happen.  Don’t sit around bitching there’s no scene or nothing going on.  Get out there make your own noise and support your friends in their causes a long the way.
E - Changing topics, I see you guys have some shows coming up. What are people's reaction to your jams?
A.T - Well we mist be doing something right.  We always meet people who say they dig what we are doing and that they really like it.  It always puts a big smile on our faces when we look out and see people jumping around and having fun while we play for them.  It makes it all worth doing.

E - Speaking of music, what's the overall theme or message that makesup your songs. Do you guys tell stories? Are you guys super political? Happy songs? Sad songs?

A.T - We have a political edge to our lyrics for sure.  But we’re not a political band some songs tell stories and others are about past experiences.
E- Do you guys ever get into squabbles about creative direction or how songs should sound? Or is it a pure collaborative effort where everybody has a say.

A.T - No squabbles most of our songs start out just guitar and vocals until we get an idea together.  Then drums and bass are brought in to round things out.  Other times songs are created just out of jamming with each other.
E- Do you guys tour? If so is it often?
A.T - Since relocating to Texas we have played all over Austin Houston San Antonio Dallas San Marcos and Denton. No tours yet we’re still working building up our local following but we plan on touring in the future.

E - Going back to your music, is there anything at the moment that people can pick up?
A.T - We have released 3 EP’s and 2 7” records so far.  If anyone out there wants to pick up anything shoot us an email and we’ll talk details.

E- Okay, at this point I run out of ideas for questions. So here comes some random zany questions. First up. Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
A.T - Its all in how you use it baby.

E - Who is your daddy and what does he do?
A.T - No idea we are all test tube babies but we know they must have enjoyed donating sperm.

E- Alright haha, well I've had my fun for the day. Any parting words for the readers?
A.T - D.I.Y. = Freedom keep it real keep it punk and please enjoy the tunes.

E - Lastly where can people get in touch with you guys?
A.T -Website
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