Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interview w/Andrew Lipscomb of Operation Grindcore.

A while back Andrew asked me to partake in an interview which I thought was very nice gesture. Of course I only agreed if he himself agreed to one by me as well haha.

Well here's the last thing that'll I'll be posting up until the next year. I'm gonna try and get some work done now that I have 2 whole weeks to do so. Without further a due, presenting the baddest mamma jamma and youngest grind and extreme music aficionado out there. Andrew "OG" Lipscomb.

*also, I don't know why but the format of the whole interview isn't in suit for some reason, not a big deal but I'm a real ball buster when it comes to stuff like that*

E- Andrew, why did you decide to start this label?
A-  Well as you all probably know Operation Grindcore is not only a label, but a blog as well. I originally started the blog last spring break as a way to keep from being bored, and I had always wanted to contribute something to the "scene"(I hate that word) as well. Ever since I have been into underground music, independent/diy labels have always fascinated me, and I had always thought, "when I get older/get a job, I am going to start one myself". After I had been doing the blog for a couple of months, I put together the Operation Grindcore Vol. 1 compilation. Doing that was a great experience and after it was out, I realized that it wouldn't be hard for me to start my own label now, so I made Operation Grindcore a label too!

E- Cool man, yeah haha being bored usually is the basis for most things starting up. Okay then, what was the process like for putting together your first compilation?

A- Well I really had no idea what I was doing, haha. I pretty much just put up a status on facebook looking for bands who would be interested in being on a grind comp, and I asked a few other bands directly like Gripe, and Robocop. When I first started to put it together I only expected there to be like 10 bands who would be interested, but instead there were A TON, and I eventually had to cut it off at 24(originally 25, but one band dropped off), haha. It was a great learning experience for me and I am really proud of how it all turned out

E - Learn through practice that's always a very good way to go about with things. Now I'm sure we've all noticed that you're a fairly young person. How did you get into the extreme side of music at such an early age?

  • A - Well it started by me getting into thrash  
    ands like Metallica/Megadeth in second or third 
    grade, then in my early years in middle school 
    Sepultura/Death, then after that I abandoned 
    metal when I started to get into grind, hardcore, 
    powerviolence, etc. 
    early years of middle school*

  • E - Wow the second grade really? Haha that's crazy man. Well how bout changing the subject a bit towards music. Could you give a rundown of what you have playing on your record player or Ipod or whatever music medium you prefer?

    A - 
    Yeah man, I started really young. I fell really fortunate to have been exposed to good music at such a young age. Well Tapes and Vinyl rule everything, haha. But I use my ipod a lot on the bus, at school, etc. Lately my playlist has been consumed by a ton of noise stuff, like Dental Work, Winters In Osaka, Actuary, etc., some hip hop, and Man Is The Bastard, Water Torture, Ulcerrhoea, Excruciating Terror.

    E - Rad man, do you plan in any bands at all?

    A- Well I have this noise project called Lost Appeal that I am starting right now. I actually have a split planned with Vii from Hiroshima Vacation's noise project (<o>). I am pretty stoked about that, but other than that I don't really play in a band, mainly due to the lack of musicians in my area, haha

    E- That's cool man noise is fun haha. Yeah I know how that can be I'm sure others do as well. Okay let's drift away from the label and music for a while. What do you like to do aside from the label and such?

    A- Pretty much just hanging out with friends, and doing stupid stuff, haha. Cooking is great, I have been told that I make some mean tofu,haha, reading, and learning new things, watching documentaries about random stuff on Netflix, etc.

    E- That's rad man a lot of the younger generation don't really take the time to learn how to cook and are usually passive and don't care much for documentaries. Anything recently that you've watched worth mentioning?

    A- Actually, I just watched a decent one today, it was called American Grindhouse. It was about all the old exploitation and Grindhouse movies from back in the day.

    E- What do you see in the future for Operation Grindcore?

    A- Well, I have a ton of cool releases coming up, that I can't tell you about right now, haha. Including some vinyl, which I am very excited for. I also have some really great interviews coming soon to the OG blog, so stay on the lookout for those!

    • E -Awesome man I'm sure everyone is stoked for all that. Any last comments?

      A - Yes! Thank you for all of your support and for doing this interview! You are a DIY LEGEND! Also a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Operation Grindcore!

Many thanks to Andrew.

I know you're checking out his site on a daily basis, and if you're not then you're a poser!

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