Saturday, December 17, 2011

Favorites of 2011

The rad lad Andrew "OG" Lipscomb over at Operation Grindcore asked me to contribute my personal favorite list of releases of 2011.

Something that is never easy for me due to the fact that I'm terrible with Chronology.

With that being said I shall crap out a list of my favorite releases that I've come up on during the 2011 year with my absolute best to try and put things that came out this year up in there and include as much as possible instead of just grind or pv stuff.

I had actually heard of them but never gave em a chance. I ordered some stuff from Jim at Incursion Recs and he tossed in a copy of the Exogorth/Abandonement Issues tape. I was floored with Exogorth.So stoked to hear more on these guys.

Exogorth/Abandonment Issues
Exogorth/David Carradine

I fuckin love Lt.Dan. They pretty much shit out gold nuggets with every release they pump out. Can't wait for the tape reissuesof all their previously out of print matieral.

Lt.Dan/Violent Gorge/Satan/Pizza Hi Five

I accidentally got into these guys when I went to L.A to catch Archagathus with my brother. I was looking at thier merch and asked if they had any vinyl with them. To which they replied "Yeah! We got this one with Six Brew Bantha" to which I responded "Who?" I hadn't heard of them and almost didn't pick it up. I don't normally like to start buying matieral from bands who put out stuff constantly (I.e Agathocles, Unholy Grave, SMG) for the sake that I just can't afford to be spending X-amount of dollars for the new slab of vinyl. I'm very glad I didn't pass this one up though because the SBB stuff in my opinion was better then the Archagthus stuff.

Six Brew Bantha/Archagathus

Sea Lions are one of my personal favorite bands hailing from my home area of Oxnard. They play a type of garage/pop/surf punk that really stands out in the typical punk/nardcore scene. I'm yet to purchase the full length that was released on Slumberland records, but am anxiously awaiting my paycheck for when I can. 

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask

As far as Diy Noise release go, Chulo is my most favorite one of what I've put out to date. With absolutely NO disrespect or ill towards all the other stuff I've put out. I love each thing like a child, but it's a question that a bunch of people have been asking me and the first thing to always come to mind is this. I had the great pleasure of putting out a double sided ep of two releases that we're available for download on Grindcore Karaoke. 

Chulo - Odio A Primera Vista

Calafiaputa rank as my second favorite from Diy Noise and yes I can understand that it may sound like I'm tooting my own horn. I don't see myself as a label though. I merely see myself as a means to help bands with putting material that they've put out on their own already, on tape. With that being said Calafia Puta's "2" was an awesome addition to their catalogue that I can only hope will expand even more.

Calafiaputa - 2

This just barely makes it to 2011. I'm sitting here trying to think what came out when and I could of sworn that this was out since 2010. It actually might have but I'm using Grindcore Karaoke as my source for this. I found out Marion Barry in what seems like many years ago. I saw a vid of them playing and I'm pretty sure it had a link to thier myspace page. Anyway, class A PV that I'd recommend to anybody whom is a fan of fast music.

Goddamn! God's America (Seeds of Rape) is the way Powerviolence SHOULD sound. These guys blew me away with thier demo. I traded some stuff with Andes and he sent me 3 copies I believe of this...or 2 of this and 2 of Cogs and Sprockets. Which ALSO is great stuff. Check them out! 

Seeds of Rape - Demo
Cogs and Sprockets - Pretty much anything they've put out.

The very first thing I heard from Gripe was "JUST FUCKING DIE!!!!! It was followed by a brutal onslaught of  complete and utter hate fuled grind. Diy Noise started off by releasing "The Future Doesn't Need You". Very glad to have been able to put that gem out. Check out their latest offering which will also be pressed by yours truly in the near future.

Gripe - Pig Servant

Sorry the pic is so small with this one. These guys have been around for a while. I heard thier first output on youtube and was stoked. I tried looking for it but had no luck since it was out of print already. I'm always stoked and grateful when bands put out discographies. Rad as hell hardcore that brings to mind old school international bands like Terveet Kadet, Kaaos, Siberias "Bastards" and more of the like.

I know there are a ton more releases that I'm forgetting. I wish I had the patience to comb over all my emails and pages upon pages of internet archives to list eveything.
But at the top of my head here are some more stuff that I was really into this year.

SMG/Dasiy Cutter
Inside The Beehive
Arroyo- Rotting Corpse of Morbid Beer Grinds
Priapus - Airloom
Ultra//Negative - Finally I'm At Peace
Hiroshima Vacation
INTHESHIT - King of The Grindcore Jungle


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  2. LT. DAN, EXOGORTH, and GRIPE are 3 of my favorites as well man.

    good choices dude!