Saturday, December 17, 2011


This one's been on hold for sometime now. These dudes asked me to make them some tapes about 2-3 months ago. It was a while before anything started rolling due to the music not being able to be recorded.
It's tough sometimes, especially when your broke and young. I can remember when I was in highschool trying to record with my early music endeavors. It's tough, which is why I was very happy when they did finally get me the music they we're happy with.

Faceless Numbers play dirty noisy gutter crust punk. The first demo tracks they sent me we're just that. A total fuckin racket haha. They had promised to send some more clear recordings to which I was stoked for. I could hear parts of the songs but a lot of it was drowned out by this and that frick and frack.

It was a while before the tracks came in but they got em. 50 tapes in total all sprayed red.

Check em out!


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