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#26 Wages Of Fear

*Edited months after realizing I didn't write up on Wages!*

Just quickly, Wages Of Fear is a band I play guitar for. We've been active for a long time but shows are very rare and now people believe we have broken up. Which isn't true cause people never ask us to play.
During our time we did a tape release of a show we played in Santa Barbara

you can see the picture and some more release specs on the facebook page


only did 20 tapes on recycled ones.
Sold a good chunk of them and traded the rest.

Original Post

God I really do hope the Mayans or Aztecs-which is it?
The ones that predicted the end of earth December something 2012?

Either way, I hope they are right. I know- I know, this isn't a post about a band or something with the label but... I use to have a blog called "Escape From El Rio" That has since ended due to the fact that it became an outlet for me to express (via written media) my dislike for this place. But goddammit if I wanna fuckin write something I'm gonna write it. I urge everybody to do the same. And I don't mean those silly facebook posts that limit your thoughts  to 300 characters. Seriously. Our minds are capable of so much. Billions of cells working simultaneously to produce thoughts and execute bodily movements. And you mean to tell me that you're gonna try and limit what I have to say to a tiny paragraph? Fuck that. Make a blog. Write as long as you want. Write till your elbows go numb from slouching over a counter top for half an hour straight.

Last night I stumbled upon my old diaries...yes diaries. Call em a journal and you're a closet fag.

Anyway, I was going over stuff I had written. Writings since 2001 when I was 10 in the 5th grade or so.
It was pretty nice. Reading over little excerpts of my life that only seemed like yesterday. Such as the day when my family and I moved into this trailer park "The Royal Duke". A trailer park community for the senior citizens of the world to live out the rest of their days in pleasant silence and bliss.

Pretty hard though when fuckheads come in at 3 AM blaring shit music. Don't even get me started on the kids who live here. I was talking to a few who I know personally through living here and through serving them food at the high-school I work at (my old school in fact). This place has a name believe it or not. This old folks home covered in graffiti simply known as "The Dukes".

No fucking clue as to why it's called that. Maybe a reference to the phrase "Put  your dukes up". Maybe these kids are trying to insinuate that they are ready to fight any given time at night as long as it doesn't interfere with 8 hour facebook sessions.

Back in 2001 things seemed pretty innocent. My days we're pretty routine. I'd wake up. Take a shower. Go to school. Come home, watch TV, eat dinner, play and then go to bed. 10 years have passed and it seems the same in all honesty. Wake up, take a shower, go to work, come home, browse the internets, label stuff and then go to bed.

I don't really know where I'm going with this...

2012. Live in the now.
Lot's of stuff is going on. The Aceh Teen punks being rehabilitated. The SOPA Protect IP acts. Occupy Everything. Can't wait for this fucking world to end. With that being said I'm very excited to be working with like minded nihilistic individuals who only want to grind their minds in with savage blasts of noise.

Lot's of stuff in the DIY Noise line-up in the works.
We even got some vinyl projects underway.

I found a neat way to get some free-ish printing done. To be honest I was gonna stop printing and doing label things. The idea that money controlled everything was making me fear for the future of this label. That is until I discovered My Coke Rewards.

Thanks to the place where I work I receive one free drink per day. Extra thanks to the 1000+ kids who drink sugar laden liquids and just toss their bottles into the trash for me to take home. Not really. The special education teachers do that. I just snag the bottle caps up before they notice.


I pick these up as much as possible. And for good reason too. I was browsing the coke rewards catalogue and realized I would never be able to drink enough soda to earn some cheap improted headphones. So instead I looked around for stuff that I could actually use.

I discovered this neat little treasure.

To the right is a cool promotion offering 50 free 4x6 prints for every 50 points redeemed. Bottles of coke usually earn you 3 points. 50/3 equals about 16 or so bottles. In school currency about 20 dollars. OBVIOUSLY it isn't worth the money to just get regular prints done. Let alone future health costs.
 I get em for free though!
Lucky me right?

Anyway, I started a snapfish account and decided to submit covers for DIY Noise releases. I did a little testing and it turns out that tape covers are exactly on point with tape covers.

Here's my proof.

I only trimmed off a tad from the top and bottom parts of the print but other then that, it's fuckin perfect.

Free high-quality photo prints courtesy of Coca-Cola.

I''m pretty sure this makes me a hypocrite.
Either way, this only cost me 2 dollars to print out 50 of these. Doing them at home  would of cost me $40+ on ink alone.

I've already sent out orders for the Corrupt Humanity/Shangkuan Lingfeng split and for the Psychotic Sufferance tapes. Tons of sweet prints for only a few bucks. Even better, the company gave me an extra 50 free 4x6 prints, One 8x10 high-def print (might use that for when the first 7'' comes out), and a 11x17 poster print just for joining. Once again, thanks to Coca-Cola. Go ahead, destroy rain forests you bastards. Wipe out a villages fresh water supply. I'll take your free shit and use it against you...I know right...
"we got a badass over here"

Now I can concentrate most of my time and energy towards other stuff...like finding a girlfriend...or losing weight to get into my sweet PRIAPUS shirt that I've yet to fit into.

Who knows.

2012 here I come.

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