Monday, October 3, 2011


Okay! So this is the 14th release I think.

I was super pumped about this one since it was a split between two bands that I had heard of before.
Great brutal fast stuff from the likes of both.

Terlarang hail from Malaysia
Gevabow from the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan for all you Jersey Shore fans)

I did them 50 tapes (20 for each and 10 for myself)

This one is gonna be super super limited. And costly O.O

Shipping can be outrageous at times when it comes to international jobs.

Anyway, these were sprayed at random.

I took my cans of paint and seriously went all BANKSY on these fuckers.
No two tapes are the same color!

This release is actually a re-issue of the same stuff that both bands are putting out on vinyl!

As we all know vinyl is superior so go buy that before you get the tape.

Check out both of these rad bands here and there!

Post Script.

Haha was just reading how we got into contact.

Here's what they sent me in the beginning.

"hey man. we are TERLARANG crazy thrash violence from Malaysia.
now we find any labels want join on upcoming split 7" with GEVABOW speed thrash attack from JAPAN. Japan band bro, cool!
okay the plans is 4 labels co-release on this 7" now we already have 3 labels, 1 from USA, 1 from France, and 1 from Australia.! (world wide co-release huhu)
now we just need 1 label to complete this co-release!
1 labels just give $250 USD + $59 USD (shipping) FOR 100 records 7". great deal i think!
and this 7" will pressing on 500 records and also on colored vinyl too! huhu

so how you think bro.???

I obviously didn't have the 300 some dollars to help out, so I offered them tapes and they graciously accepted!

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