Thursday, October 20, 2011

#16 Mrs. Howl

After working on several releases at once I have been able to finish two out of many waiting releases.

The first is...


I was contacted by the lovely Laurel Dagger about putting out some Mrs Howl tapes.

She gave me a link to her revernation page and what awaited me was a style of music completely foreign to Diy Noise.

Not to me of course, I know exactly what they're playing. But in terms of the label as it's own entity.
I can add a new genre to the labels ever expanding list of varying styles of music.

This Texas trio play a brand of pop driven garage punk.

As a whole the Ep is actually a very good one.

I'm a sucker for melodic punk most of the time.
Especially when it comes to ones fronted by the almighty female.

Punk generally is taken as a "boys only" club.

The numbers don't lie when it comes to bands either.

I can very easily count the number of bands in oxnard that have womyn in them (at the moment only a few)

Everything else is just a bunch of sweaty angry shirtless dudes playing for other angry sweaty shirtless dudes.

I'm always glad to see a new girl band come around or at least see or hear a girl playing in a male-dominated style of music.

As for the Mrs. Howl release. The ep contains 6-7 songs, (it's 1:30 am...super tired)
Super DIY recordings and format, with some pretty catchy tunes to go with it.
Although the guitars can sound a bit flat at times, it can only leave me hoping that someday they can hit the studio one day and really get some hi-fi stereo recordings.

For this release I did only 20 tapes upon request. All sprayed in a fabulous Hot Pink color ;)

Check out Mrs. Howl here!


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