Monday, October 3, 2011


Life For A Life

This one was finished since tuesday!
I had been really busy with stuff and hadn't had time to get to the printing.

As soon as I finish dubbing the tapes i consider the project mostly finished since inserts and lables take almost no time to do (except for the folding.....GAHHHHH THE FOLDING!!!!!)


These guys hail from Lancaster.

I actually went there a couple months back with my band Wages of Fear to play at the Fantasy Hall.

It's pretty rough over there, it's looks as bad as where I live O.o

These guys hit me up in August about putting something out on tape.
I checked thier stuff out and although it's not my favorite cup of tea they had something about them that reminded me of the other bands I like.

That is something called respect.
Seriously, these dudes are so chill. Not one lick of snotty pretentiousness at all anywhere.

So of FUCKING course I'll put their stuff out on tape.
Why the hell not?
They even offered to pay me!

So far only a few bands have offered cash (not holding anybody to anything haha-this IS for the BANDS afterall haha)

But still, once I sat myself down to listen to the matieral I grew to like it.
They play just fast enough for me to wanna pit it up.
And they throw down some pretty cool riffs to top it off.

Check out their stuff here!


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