Wednesday, October 26, 2011


These guys hit me up a while back this month.
The person I was actually talking to was George, a super rad and friendly dude.

What we have here is Mechanically Separated by THE CRYPTIC YEAST.
Playing a style of either (from what I remember of what he said) cyber/digital thrash.

I was curious as to how this would sound. Twas most definitely a new genre to grace my ears.

In case you're wondering what Cyber/Digital thrash is I can explain it this way before you check out the rad EP at their bandcamp here.  http://crypticyeast.bandcamp.com/album/mechanically-separated-ep


Imagine you're back in your early teen years...

You're mom or dad or older bro/sis needs to babysit you, they don't want to because of your horrendous acne and awkward anti-social behavior. Video games and high sodium processed foods rule your life.
Instead of making time to bond with you they drop you off at the local arcade with 20 bucks and tell you they'll pick you up in 3 hours. 

You pocket the money as you head inside your sanctuary. You are greeted by the pleasant scents of dirty soda stained carpet and other like minded adolescents who "forgot" to apply deodorant.

Your first stop is the concession counter. "One large soda and a candy bar please" The concession lady gives you a dirty look and snarls "Here's your change!". You proceed to the token machine-you eagerly feed the machine and it spits out your coins. You head to your favorite machine. You tense up,your palms make contact with the sticky buttons and knobs, you're in the zone now. Nothing else matters. It's only you and the machine.

You hear this music that seemingly plays on a constant loop-you feel as if you're floating in space defending the earth against hordes of alien beings hellbent of ravaging the earth of it's natural resources...and smoking hot babes.
Your eyes are glued to the cabinet. Your eyes are dilating with each oscillation of light and sound that penetrates your ears. Your hearts racing, you're unsure if it's the high caffeine  in your body or the music that's giving you your edge. You easily breeze through dollars upon dollars of pocket change. In the end you walk out into the cold harsh world to return to your everyday mundane activities...


If you don't believe me just play "Los Intrepidos" (first track from this EP) while watching a a "let's play" segment on youtube of an old game like Final Fight or F-Zero or something. You'll see what I mean.

It's super rad stuff, these dudes could even collaborate with videogame people to write scores.

For this partticular release I did 50 tapes. They were sprayed in various colors such as red-green-orange and what I experimented in a "blue-breeze" (I was going for an ocean mist kind of look)

They are all handstamped and numbered.

Check out thier almost complete discography here at crypticyeast.bandcamp.com featuring the EP in it's entirety (with the exception of 2 hidden bonus tracks exclusive to the tape release tee-hee.)

Also here's the facebook page to follow with these cyber thrashers!



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