Thursday, October 20, 2011


Let me start this off by saying FUCKIN A!!!!

These dudes fuckin rip so hard it's not even funny.

This was by far the most exciting tape I've done to date for these reasons which I will elaborate on a bit later.

These guys hail from Bogota, Columbia.

That's pretty far from here in Oxnard.

They had actually messaged me speaking in spanish. Asking if I spoke spanish and if I would be interested in releasing them on tape.

I responded with a hearty "Of course I speak Spanish!...sort of!"

In the end they just decided to help me out and speak in english. (There now that you know they speak english go hit them up and talk to these dudes! Rad and chill as hell!)

They had put out two releases on Grindcore Kareoke but still had no labels put out anything with them.
I couldn't understand why, these dudes we're fuckin ill!

Imagine a spanish version of Spazz topped with a hint of Knuckle Scraper baked at 200' on high blast.
These guys pummel through an insane blast of tracks in less then 8 minuets per side.

This particular tape features both of their releases on Grindcore Karaoke.

Now as for the reasons as to why this was the most exciting tape.


I have NEVER seen art this fuckin good ever in my life.
And this was done in a matter of a few days.

Upon my personal request of absolutely nothing dealing with satanic pentagrams these guys produced this.

What caught me off guard was the extra panel. I was only use to doing single panel stuff. I hadn't tried multiple panels until this. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after tinkering with it for a while I managed to get it just right to print out the both sides of this insert card.

That was actually the only reason why this tape was so exciting.
The INCREDIBLE artwork and the extra panel.

Maybe not something spectuacular to you, but to me this was. Now I'm gonna be able to do this more often and maybe even use it for my personal Sordo or Larva releases haha.

As for the tapes 50 were made for this release.

All numbered and given this very nice and awesomely detailed sticker label.

Just great!

PLEASE check this band out.
They are raaaaad as fuck and deserve way more attention.

Check em out here!


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