Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is one of the many announced SORDO splits that has finally been able to be completed. Super stoked about this because this is the first new SORDO release since our raw lo-fi low count cd release. We we're able to share this piece of media with CANCERxPATIENT. We had the pleasure of sharing a set with these cats last night (10-29-11) at a house show in LA which for Sordo was our first show outside of the county. We we're also able to play with a ton of other rad as fuck bands GONER-NULL DEVOID-HAPPY PILL TRAUMA-APUTASOS-xMxJxCx

About CxP- this band is a power trio of dudes playing some wicked ass drum and bass noise similar to Spazz-only more raw and dirty. They love weed...and....more weed.....and...even more weed. But seriously, they love weed. AND MAKING A LOT OF FUCKIN NOISEZZZ!!!!

60 tapes in total for this release.
Each set of six-8 tapes is a different color scheme.
This set on the picture is a half tone of red for SORDO and orange for CxP each with a nifty little sticker label design, CxP with the weed leaf and SORDO with a taco  =D

3:20 seconds of raw drum and bass noise-pv from us complete with samples and such.

7:40 of noise and similar likes for the CxP side complete with samples and such.

More than half of our share of the tapes are gone, so if you'd like a copy of this limited release please hit us up  for one.

Hit up CxP as well and follow dem guyz!




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