Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is one of the many announced SORDO splits that has finally been able to be completed. Super stoked about this because this is the first new SORDO release since our raw lo-fi low count cd release. We we're able to share this piece of media with CANCERxPATIENT. We had the pleasure of sharing a set with these cats last night (10-29-11) at a house show in LA which for Sordo was our first show outside of the county. We we're also able to play with a ton of other rad as fuck bands GONER-NULL DEVOID-HAPPY PILL TRAUMA-APUTASOS-xMxJxCx

About CxP- this band is a power trio of dudes playing some wicked ass drum and bass noise similar to Spazz-only more raw and dirty. They love weed...and....more weed.....and...even more weed. But seriously, they love weed. AND MAKING A LOT OF FUCKIN NOISEZZZ!!!!

60 tapes in total for this release.
Each set of six-8 tapes is a different color scheme.
This set on the picture is a half tone of red for SORDO and orange for CxP each with a nifty little sticker label design, CxP with the weed leaf and SORDO with a taco  =D

3:20 seconds of raw drum and bass noise-pv from us complete with samples and such.

7:40 of noise and similar likes for the CxP side complete with samples and such.

More than half of our share of the tapes are gone, so if you'd like a copy of this limited release please hit us up  for one.

Hit up CxP as well and follow dem guyz!




Wednesday, October 26, 2011


These guys hit me up a while back this month.
The person I was actually talking to was George, a super rad and friendly dude.

What we have here is Mechanically Separated by THE CRYPTIC YEAST.
Playing a style of either (from what I remember of what he said) cyber/digital thrash.

I was curious as to how this would sound. Twas most definitely a new genre to grace my ears.

In case you're wondering what Cyber/Digital thrash is I can explain it this way before you check out the rad EP at their bandcamp here.  http://crypticyeast.bandcamp.com/album/mechanically-separated-ep


Imagine you're back in your early teen years...

You're mom or dad or older bro/sis needs to babysit you, they don't want to because of your horrendous acne and awkward anti-social behavior. Video games and high sodium processed foods rule your life.
Instead of making time to bond with you they drop you off at the local arcade with 20 bucks and tell you they'll pick you up in 3 hours. 

You pocket the money as you head inside your sanctuary. You are greeted by the pleasant scents of dirty soda stained carpet and other like minded adolescents who "forgot" to apply deodorant.

Your first stop is the concession counter. "One large soda and a candy bar please" The concession lady gives you a dirty look and snarls "Here's your change!". You proceed to the token machine-you eagerly feed the machine and it spits out your coins. You head to your favorite machine. You tense up,your palms make contact with the sticky buttons and knobs, you're in the zone now. Nothing else matters. It's only you and the machine.

You hear this music that seemingly plays on a constant loop-you feel as if you're floating in space defending the earth against hordes of alien beings hellbent of ravaging the earth of it's natural resources...and smoking hot babes.
Your eyes are glued to the cabinet. Your eyes are dilating with each oscillation of light and sound that penetrates your ears. Your hearts racing, you're unsure if it's the high caffeine  in your body or the music that's giving you your edge. You easily breeze through dollars upon dollars of pocket change. In the end you walk out into the cold harsh world to return to your everyday mundane activities...


If you don't believe me just play "Los Intrepidos" (first track from this EP) while watching a a "let's play" segment on youtube of an old game like Final Fight or F-Zero or something. You'll see what I mean.

It's super rad stuff, these dudes could even collaborate with videogame people to write scores.

For this partticular release I did 50 tapes. They were sprayed in various colors such as red-green-orange and what I experimented in a "blue-breeze" (I was going for an ocean mist kind of look)

They are all handstamped and numbered.

Check out thier almost complete discography here at crypticyeast.bandcamp.com featuring the EP in it's entirety (with the exception of 2 hidden bonus tracks exclusive to the tape release tee-hee.)

Also here's the facebook page to follow with these cyber thrashers!



Thursday, October 20, 2011


Let me start this off by saying FUCKIN A!!!!

These dudes fuckin rip so hard it's not even funny.

This was by far the most exciting tape I've done to date for these reasons which I will elaborate on a bit later.

These guys hail from Bogota, Columbia.

That's pretty far from here in Oxnard.

They had actually messaged me speaking in spanish. Asking if I spoke spanish and if I would be interested in releasing them on tape.

I responded with a hearty "Of course I speak Spanish!...sort of!"

In the end they just decided to help me out and speak in english. (There now that you know they speak english go hit them up and talk to these dudes! Rad and chill as hell!)

They had put out two releases on Grindcore Kareoke but still had no labels put out anything with them.
I couldn't understand why, these dudes we're fuckin ill!

Imagine a spanish version of Spazz topped with a hint of Knuckle Scraper baked at 200' on high blast.
These guys pummel through an insane blast of tracks in less then 8 minuets per side.

This particular tape features both of their releases on Grindcore Karaoke.

Now as for the reasons as to why this was the most exciting tape.


I have NEVER seen art this fuckin good ever in my life.
And this was done in a matter of a few days.

Upon my personal request of absolutely nothing dealing with satanic pentagrams these guys produced this.

What caught me off guard was the extra panel. I was only use to doing single panel stuff. I hadn't tried multiple panels until this. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after tinkering with it for a while I managed to get it just right to print out the both sides of this insert card.

That was actually the only reason why this tape was so exciting.
The INCREDIBLE artwork and the extra panel.

Maybe not something spectuacular to you, but to me this was. Now I'm gonna be able to do this more often and maybe even use it for my personal Sordo or Larva releases haha.

As for the tapes 50 were made for this release.

All numbered and given this very nice and awesomely detailed sticker label.

Just great!

PLEASE check this band out.
They are raaaaad as fuck and deserve way more attention.

Check em out here!


#16 Mrs. Howl

After working on several releases at once I have been able to finish two out of many waiting releases.

The first is...


I was contacted by the lovely Laurel Dagger about putting out some Mrs Howl tapes.

She gave me a link to her revernation page and what awaited me was a style of music completely foreign to Diy Noise.

Not to me of course, I know exactly what they're playing. But in terms of the label as it's own entity.
I can add a new genre to the labels ever expanding list of varying styles of music.

This Texas trio play a brand of pop driven garage punk.

As a whole the Ep is actually a very good one.

I'm a sucker for melodic punk most of the time.
Especially when it comes to ones fronted by the almighty female.

Punk generally is taken as a "boys only" club.

The numbers don't lie when it comes to bands either.

I can very easily count the number of bands in oxnard that have womyn in them (at the moment only a few)

Everything else is just a bunch of sweaty angry shirtless dudes playing for other angry sweaty shirtless dudes.

I'm always glad to see a new girl band come around or at least see or hear a girl playing in a male-dominated style of music.

As for the Mrs. Howl release. The ep contains 6-7 songs, (it's 1:30 am...super tired)
Super DIY recordings and format, with some pretty catchy tunes to go with it.
Although the guitars can sound a bit flat at times, it can only leave me hoping that someday they can hit the studio one day and really get some hi-fi stereo recordings.

For this release I did only 20 tapes upon request. All sprayed in a fabulous Hot Pink color ;)

Check out Mrs. Howl here!


Monday, October 3, 2011


Life For A Life

This one was finished since tuesday!
I had been really busy with stuff and hadn't had time to get to the printing.

As soon as I finish dubbing the tapes i consider the project mostly finished since inserts and lables take almost no time to do (except for the folding.....GAHHHHH THE FOLDING!!!!!)


These guys hail from Lancaster.

I actually went there a couple months back with my band Wages of Fear to play at the Fantasy Hall.

It's pretty rough over there, it's looks as bad as where I live O.o

These guys hit me up in August about putting something out on tape.
I checked thier stuff out and although it's not my favorite cup of tea they had something about them that reminded me of the other bands I like.

That is something called respect.
Seriously, these dudes are so chill. Not one lick of snotty pretentiousness at all anywhere.

So of FUCKING course I'll put their stuff out on tape.
Why the hell not?
They even offered to pay me!

So far only a few bands have offered cash (not holding anybody to anything haha-this IS for the BANDS afterall haha)

But still, once I sat myself down to listen to the matieral I grew to like it.
They play just fast enough for me to wanna pit it up.
And they throw down some pretty cool riffs to top it off.

Check out their stuff here!



Okay! So this is the 14th release I think.

I was super pumped about this one since it was a split between two bands that I had heard of before.
Great brutal fast stuff from the likes of both.

Terlarang hail from Malaysia
Gevabow from the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan for all you Jersey Shore fans)

I did them 50 tapes (20 for each and 10 for myself)

This one is gonna be super super limited. And costly O.O

Shipping can be outrageous at times when it comes to international jobs.

Anyway, these were sprayed at random.

I took my cans of paint and seriously went all BANKSY on these fuckers.
No two tapes are the same color!

This release is actually a re-issue of the same stuff that both bands are putting out on vinyl!

As we all know vinyl is superior so go buy that before you get the tape.

Check out both of these rad bands here and there!

Post Script.

Haha was just reading how we got into contact.

Here's what they sent me in the beginning.

"hey man. we are TERLARANG crazy thrash violence from Malaysia.
now we find any labels want join on upcoming split 7" with GEVABOW speed thrash attack from JAPAN. Japan band bro, cool!
okay the plans is 4 labels co-release on this 7" now we already have 3 labels, 1 from USA, 1 from France, and 1 from Australia.! (world wide co-release huhu)
now we just need 1 label to complete this co-release!
1 labels just give $250 USD + $59 USD (shipping) FOR 100 records 7". great deal i think!
and this 7" will pressing on 500 records and also on colored vinyl too! huhu

so how you think bro.???

I obviously didn't have the 300 some dollars to help out, so I offered them tapes and they graciously accepted!