Friday, September 2, 2011


Today wraps up the LONGEST project I've had to tackle to date.

A DISCO FOR FERNS is NOT a grind band. They are not PV band. Nor are they a slimy pseudo crust band.

These guys play some real cool and super enjoyable family friendly raw garage style punk.

Fronted by GONZO BOMB on bass and vocals and T.BLACKHART on drums and vocals

This dynamic duo dropped me a line via email asking if I would like to work with them.

(when did the font change???)

I gave their facebook songs a listen and was utterly disgusted.

"Wow..." I thought. This ins't grind. This isn't PV.

What is this?

As soon as I took my pretentious head out from up my ass, I realized that their is a definite appeal to this that I was missing. 
I began to weed out what I was looking for and began to delve into what was being offered.

Which is........................


Sorry, I was trying to think of something grand and spectacular to s---PURE AWESOMENESS

One word.....CROWS.

If you've seen Robin Williams in HOOK you'll know what I'm talking about.

Granted this isn't our spoonful of sugar that most enjoy a la grimy-gory-chaotic bands, this is still something that can give you a good run for 20 minutes.

They sent me their discography on a cd-r. An impressive catalogue of material hitting so many genres at once. 
You get your raw garage punk, that stuff that Soundgarden was known for playing....???Not rock but i---GRUNGE!!! That's it grunge.

You got at times some blast beats coming at you with grunts that we're all familiar with.

And by far, you get pure epic gold. (Check out the song Cheesy)

I'm not sure if you're supposed to take these guys seriously (no disrespect intended).
But these cats sound like they have a lot of fun doing what they do.
I found myself laughing at some of the songs(in a good way)

I think to myself wow...these guys don't do that live. BUT GUESS WHAT.

They do.

And it's even funnier (in a good way!). I can just imagine them crowing at the top of their lungs and at the same time imagine the faces at some of the viewers while they're playing.

I did 50 tapes for these guys.
They left every choice regarding the direction of the tapes up to me.
Not something I'm use to. I do like feedback and communication.
Just in case someone isn't happy with the product, the fault doesn't lie ALL on me haha.

I hope they like em though.
And I hope you take a chance and check them out if you get a chance.

Really cool stuff.

This stuff in particular is a live set from one of their gigs. 20 minutes of grand material. 

Just noticed right now I made a boo-boo.
The last song on the tape is called "ASH VOMIT" not what I wrote and printed 50 times 
"AUH Vomit" MY BAD!
I read it as Auh Vomit for some reason . 

Check em out here.


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