Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So I got three new releases to talk stuff about.

I haven't had much time lately to do this since my brother and his girlfriend welcomed a new member to the family recently.

The computer is in their room and I don't like to stay inside and do my stuff while the baby is trying to sleep or feed.

I'd like to get a laptop soon with WIFI that way I can do all this shit from the comfort of my room.


Let's get onto the releases!
 (in the order they were released)

First up


My younger brother of a year is a full-time rapper. I personally don't like that term RAPPER since the term now is loosely (VERY LOOSELY) used to describe most anybody who can make a fuity loops beat and speak over it.

Believe me, most of the cats who are so called RAPPERS can't even......I know I'll start rambling and ranting about shitty rappers so I'll keep on with what's important.

My bro likes to rap. Plain and simple. Not that shitty MTV garbage mass produced for the mindless masses.

Just stuff to listen to. If by any chance people like it-then great! Here's a Cd. If not, cool! Get the fuck outta my face and go back to listening to Lil Wayne or some other stupid infantile shit.

My brother isn't the biggest driver personally. More or less he just sits at the desk and hopes people will listen to him. Which is BY FAR the worst thing to do, even for hobbyists. At the very least put something physical out. I think it's a shame how many people stay stuck in the virtual world of Youtube and Bandcamp without ever so much as putting a cd or tape out. It's lazy, laziness is unattractive and quite frankly extremely stupid.

I had to convince him that he should put a cd out. He agreed to....more than a year ago. I kept asking him about it and he simple never got around to it.

And so came this. CLI - The Official Bootleg.

I scrounged together some music files he had hidden away, organized and edited them. Designed a cool looking cover and presto! Mini Cd's!

6-7 tracks of what I consider good (listenble) hip-hop street poetry.
No "bitches riding on my dick" or "making money on that grind" here.

Depressing songs, hopeful songs, love songs, and soulful songs make up this cd.
Stuff I'm proud to stand behind.

CLI. (for more info, just contact me. e.carrillo91@gmail.com)



These guys fuckin RULE!!!!!!

They had posted on my DIY Noise page their song "Mosh on Your Grave"

As soon as I heard it, I knew I HAD to release these guys.
I was a bit saddened though when they didn't immediately ask me to put it out.

I waited anxiously for the next few days (which seemed like MONTHS) before they asked me to put this EP out.

Of course I accepted the task. I was super excited to begin work.

Like always I did 50 tapes. Sprayed in GOLD paint....I emphasize GOLD because the Krylon can says GOLD. (They looked yellow when I sprayed them...but I guess GOLD is a darker hue of yellow...GOLD!!!!!!)

They had originally asked me to make Bruins themed tapes. (Yello---GOLD cassettes and black cassette lables)

I had to pass on the black labels due to the fact that it would have most likely drained my ink jets.
The actual inserts took care of that though haha.

I think they would of looked super rad with the black labels though. Too bad I couldn't do it right now.
Hopefully I can do a re-issue or something the way they were meant to be.

Check out INTHESHIT here!




These guys have a bit of a backstory to them.
One that I could for the most part catalogue but will under no circumstances  WILL NOT spend a ton of hours doing so.

Here's a basic run-down of what I know though.

In the beginning these guys were called The Patriots.
They changed the name after they found out about an old punk band of the same name.

They played one house show (my bro and I were in attendance) and one other show which was immediately shut down by the cops because of some underage drinking occuring in the parking lot.

The bassist then went on to form a Japanese rock band...... no joke.
The other two members were kinda laying low and then began a moderately popular Facebook page.

Time went and sometime after Violent Americans came about.

They asked if I'd press their demo on tape and I did.
And here was the product. 50 single sided tapes. Sprayed in RED WHITE and BLUE.
They talked to my brother for 98% of the process and from what I understand, they believed HE (CLI dude)
was the operator of DIY Noise. In the end, the tapes looked like french flags. Due to the extreme lack of communication. A lot of the time it was my brother saying "Hey they want this this and this done and this as well. By the way that that that and this need to be done too...can you do it?"

This kinda bummed me out. But anyway in the end I still produced these guys what they wanted. What they wanted was something to just have out there.

I also made some buttons for them, but only enough that my printer allowed due to ink scarcity.

Check em out here!


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