Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today is an anxious day.

Two things are happening at the moment.

The first is that I may become an uncle at any minute.
My brother and his fiance headed over to the hospital.
I can only hope that all turns out fine, and that we are rewarded with the chance to raise a healthy baby.

The second is the new release that I just finished up some time ago.


This by far is the coolest and funniest cover I have ever seen in my time. Scumdogs graciously allowed me to grace their re-issue with a new cover.

That new cover being that selfish prick GW2 taking a nice heaping serving of Osama.

From what I see they have available on their facebook and reverbnation they only have one song. An "Intro". Intro's in my opinion have and never will count as actual material. Nor will outros, prologues,epilogues and so fourth.

It's something that they should change quickly (in my opinion). Their actual material literally just pulvarizes you with blast-beat onslaughts and  face-ripping riffs. Top it off with maniacal vocals that sound like they're in panic.

Great great stuff that shouldn't be overshadowed by a slow intro.
18 songs of rad grind with an UNHOLY GRAVE cover to end it all.

Check out their facebook here and beg for a copy.


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