Saturday, August 13, 2011


New release and thus a new post.

I'm extremely stoked about this one for many a reason.

Let me give a bit of backstory.

So there I am, casually checking my email when I receive news that Gripe had gotten the tapes I pressed for them.

They sent a copy to a mr. Andrew Lipscomb of Operation Grindcore.

He really liked the tape and sent praises my way.

I asked him to like my DIY Noise Facebook page since I'd be doing more tapes in the future.

As soon as he liked it I noticed a large number of new likes.

I went to his profile and noticed he had posted a big shout-out to like my page.

After which I was stunned to find more than 70 new followers. That number is still going up as I write this!

Just now I'm forgetting how exactly we started to talk about a repress of his Operation Grindcore Compilation CD.

We exchanged a few words and faster than you could fathom...

The Operation Grindcore compilation VOL 1 was pressed on tape!

Limited to only 30 copies in a nice transparent blue spraypaint finish.

I was very sad to only be able to do 30 of these.
They came out very nice. And 24 bands were featured. By law, it should be that each band would receive a few copies. I would keep some to distro as would Andrew.

Unfortunately if I had continued to make more, it would of ended up costing a lot more than what I charged Andrew to make em. ($0)

Printing up the cards drained my black ink really fast.
After the first 10 tapes my ink levels had drained to half capacity (these were new ink packs by the way).

I really wish I could of done more. This was a really good compilation with a ton of rad bands.

In the end, I got to keep 5 copies. Andrew 25.
Hopefully more can be pressed for the bands later on.


Without him I wouldn't be getting to hear a bunch of rad bands.

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