Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today is a special day for me.
I'm putting out something that I'm involved in musically.


My first split tape.




ARROYO hail from Finland. A big tourist area from what Wikipedia says. I found these guys out on Youtube here.

Since I was already planning on releasing some LARVA stuff I thought it'd be cool to find a band to do a split with. I hit these guys up and we exchanged words and we liked each others material. I was surprised that he liked my stuff. Either way, he sent me some material that they were wanting to release since early 11'.
Super awesome raw as fuck mincing grind. 

I was very happy to do this and very honored that they agreed to do the split with me.

As for the LARVA stuff.
A little backstory.

For about 4 years now, I've been active in LARVA.
It was never for the purpose of spreading it out and gaining recognition.
It was just something I would do to kill time.

Although I have other bands and projects. LARVA (formerly known as BLue Cheese) was my first venture into the music underground.

I had posted videos on youtube and such and had a myspace way back when...which I believe is still active with one song (My Mom Thinks We're Stupid Fucks) 

After I became involved with my first real project WAGES OF FEAR, I put the noise aside. When shows were scarce and practices were skipped for two weeks in a row I'd become anxious and re-boot my noise engines.

Now, unlike most conventional noise enthusiasts. I myself don't own a four-track recorder. I don't own any fancy gear. Nothing that would even lead for people to believe I do anything musically in either the amateur or professional level.

I have a mic. As you can see in the picture, I rarely use it and it has become a nice addition to the wirey mess underneath my computer desk.

With that mic I hold it up against my guitar amp. Play some random notes and scream like an asshole on top of the whole noise mess.

Drums are a whole different story, which I will explain to those who care to read.

Since I don't own a drumset anymore (lack of space) I actually sample
lone drum sounds in songs.

I've sampled The Queers, The Meteors, Crucial, and Infest. In this pattern.

THE QUEERS (Snare and bass drum- Don't back Down, I'm OK You're Fucked)

The Meteors (Crash - Little Red Riding Hood)

Crucial (High-hat- Total Monstrosity)

Infest( Snare (varaint) Sick-O)

After I've sampled all the drum sounds, I sit for hours upon end tediously fixing each hit to match a pattern I'm aiming for. I use audacity. And it looks something like this with the drum sounds.

As you can tell, this particular song only has about 2 seconds.
After 6 hours or so, a song will look like this.

All this and more to make one song for LARVA.
Sometimes I just say "fuck it" and re-use the same patterns over again. 

Other times I'll use my voice only and manipulate it so that I can get cool reverb and tremelo effects in.

Pick up the bass, add echo and Boom. Noise song.

In the end.
I did these tapes as a fun project.
This isn't something I'm doing professional.
I just like to make a racket and piss my neighbors off while doing it.

If I can meet other cool bands while in the process then it's a double win for me.

The tapes themselves are sprayed in what I like to call "Orge Cum" spray.
Just think of Shrek and Fiona, the color of the tapes will give a better indicator than my imagery.

I also reused an image I had done for a SORDO t-shirt and added the band names as well as the material names as the cover.

Included are inserts with contact info and track listings as well as thank yous.

Hit up arroyo here.



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