Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm sure by now people of a certain age know what Hiroshima is.

For those that don't. SHAME on you! Turn off your phone for 5 seconds and watch the History channel during the time when those big "boom-boom night lights" are in the skys.

But this isn't about Hiroshima.


I was stoked when these guys asked me to press them on tape.
I was checking their stuff out when I received a message from VII.
He said this exactly.

"You seem like a legit guy..."

Okay, MAYBE i'm paraphrasing.
Anyway one week ago to this day it was announced that I would make some tapes for them.
My usual schedule is like this.

Day 1 - Dub tapes
Day 2 - Dub more tapes
Day 3 - Print inserts.

I usually have 50 tapes ready for bands in about three days time.

What held this release back a whole week was the fact that I ran out of printer ink.
I ordered some a while ago, from Canada......no wonder it's taking so long.

When it FINALLY arrived the product was this.

As you can see from my hardcore Powerpuff girls blanket...

I made these guys 50 single sided tapes.
All sprayed RED upon request.

Why did I caps RED?

RED means power!

These guys are POWER!

These guys are fucking insane.

I'm not much of an Iron-Lung fan.

This duo of brothers pulls it off WAY better than Iron-Lung in my opinion.

The tape starts with a noise sequence.
Which leads to an utter chaotic noise massacre.
An assault of pure brutality which makes me sad when I realize it's only 10 minutes.

This is how EVERY band should sound.

No wait....scratch that....if EVERY band DID sound like this, then this wouldn't be anything special.
How could it be if EVERY band sounded like it?

That is what sets these cats apart from the rest.

Check em out here.


Hit em up and support them.

They got more stuff coming out soon.
I myself can't wait.

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